Ford is readying up a sub-Fiesta hatchback for developing markets such as India, Brazil and South Africa. The sub-Fiesta hatchback is also likely to replace the current Ford Ka. As of now, that space is occupied by the Figo hatchback, which is sold in both Brazil and India. The next generation Figo, is due to debut next year as the 2015 version of the popular hatchback. According to AutoExpress, the next-generation 2015 Ford Figo, which is code-named the B562, will use a modified version of the current Figo’s platform.

Apart from the platform modification, the rest of the car is likely to be completely reskinned, reflecting Ford’s new Aston Martin inspired design language.

The reskinning could make the Figo a much sharper looking car than the current model’s old Fiesta derived design that is seriously dated in this day and age. To achieve a lower kerb weight and better fuel efficiency, Ford plans to use the 1 liter, triple cylinder EcoBoost turbo petrol engine on the new Figo. Also, high strength steel of a lower gauge will be used in various parts of the car to achieve as much weight reduction as possible. Ford India has planned to roll out the next generation Figo hatchback from its under-construction factory at Sanand. The 2015 Figo will be the first product to roll out from Ford’s new Indian factory.

For the Indian car market, expect the 2015 Figo to also be available with a turbo diesel engine, most likely the 1.5 liter TDCI unit that currently powers the EcoSport and new Fiesta. While manual gearboxes will be standard on petrol and diesel engined 2015 Figos, an automatic gearbox would be a nice addition as the competition already offers automatic gearboxes on petrol engined models. The Figo hatchback has been a bread winner for Ford in India, at least before the arrival of the EcoSport. Sales of the Figo have tapered off over the last few months. The 2015 Figo will be the next high volume product from the brand with the blue oval.

A compact sedan version of the next generation Figo is also in the works. The compact sedan version of the 2015 Figo will replace the Fiesta Classic in the entry level C-segment car space. If the 2015 Figo-based compact sedan manages to slip under the sub-4 meter length, it could be an ideal foil for the Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire and the Honda Amaze compact sedans.


  1. with the ever growing market and demand of vehicles in the uprise irrespective of the fuel costs i think 2015 is a long wait, other vendors could bite that market off just as ecosport did to the duster…. dusting it off ecologically

  2. current figo is a tricky moment from ford.Because it have great handling.but not great power,but lower turbo lag. rai milage is only 20kmpl. so they didnt advertize that ,only their super comfort AC is on Ad.engine is SOHC while others are DOHC.only two valve per cylinder engine ,even bikes have 4 valve.

  3. Turbo charged 1 litre Ecoboost in Figo will be a sure shot winner. then Figo can be called as a complete package which includes best in class handling, space, features. Ford should try to retain the VFM Hatch in the Indian market

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