Rumour: Tata Indigo eCS CNG version coming in November?

In June 2013, Tata Motors showcased 3 CNG powered variants of its existing passenger car range at a strategy event called Horizonext. Tata badged the CNG powered variants as E-MAX and the first such car in the form of the Nano CNG was launched last month.

Rumour: Tata Indigo eCS CNG version coming in November?

Rumouredly, the second car in the E-MAX range will be the Indigo eCS CNG. According to Team-BHP, this car will be launched in India by the middle of November. The Indigo eCS CNG’s price will be between the petrol and diesel variants of the car.

The Indigo eCS CNG will be a dual fuel car, capable of running on both petrol as well as CNG. The 1.2 liter petrol engine that the Indigo eCS’ petrol variant is available with, will be modified to run on CNG. While this engine outputs 65 PS-100 Nm while running on petrol, the car will output 56 PS-90 Nm on CNG, a minor power and torque drop.

Tata Motors claims a mileage of 23.71 Kms per kilogram of CNG.  A 10 kilogram CNG tank will be placed in the car’s boot and this tank is in addition to the regular 42 liter petrol tank that the Indigo eCS comes with. With petrol and CNG options considered together, the car will have an effective range of about 830 Kms (230 on CNG+600 on petrol).

Whom will be the CNG version of the Indigo eCS be aimed at?

Fuel economy conscious car buyers residing in the bigger cities of India that have CNG dispensing infrastructure will be the prime target of the Indigo eCS CNG. The target profile of prospective buyers are those who drive their cars mainly in city confines, rarely hitting the highway for interstate trips.

Tata Motors also showcased the Indica eV2’s E-MAX CNG version at Horizonext. This hatchback could follow the Indigo eCS compact sedan in the coming weeks. Like its compact sedan sibling, the Indica eV2 CNG will sit between the petrol and diesel variants.