Rumour: Tata Nano to get a power steering in January 2014

Snapshot: Taking the Nano upmarket, Tata Motors could add a power steering to the world’s least priced car in January 2014.

Rumour: Tata Nano to get a power steering in January 2014
Tata Nano

Amid tanking Nano sales, Tata Motors has seen the writing on the wall. The Indian car and utility vehicle maker managed to push out 1,000 odd units of the Nano, CNG and petrol variants combined, to dealer stock yards in November 2013, a bleak number for a car that was once touted to settle well above the 20,000 units/month mark.

The Nano’s failure at the hustings has become very public with branding guru Jack Trout asking for the Nano to be be killed altogether while Mr Ratan Tata has come out in the open to say that the usage of the “world’ least priced car” tag on the Nano was a mistake.

Tata Motors has been steadily re-positioning the Nano, changing the car’s intended role of being a first car of the masses to that of being a second car of city dwellers. Notably, many city dwellers, enamored by the Nano’s compact dimensions, ease of driving and frugal running costs  are buying the hatchback as a second car.

Sensing this, Tata Motors is taking the Nano upmarket with concerted attempts at wooing the youth by making the car look cooler through Ad campaigns while also adding new features and creature comforts. Come January 2014, the Nano could gain a power steering, a convenience feature that could make the car easier to steer at parking speeds.

The addition of a power steering to the Nano is likely to make the car more appealing to buyers comprising of the fairer sex and elderly segments, for whom ease of use is a major deal striker. The power steering equipped model is likely to be priced at a slight premium of about 20,000 rupees.

Source Rohin Nagrani, Senior Editor of Motoring