Running a Mercedes Benz C-Class supercharged sedan on CNG: What does it run like

With the rising cost of fuel, people are trying to figure out new ways to reduce the fuel bill cost. The electric charging infrastructure in the country is still at its amateur level and to reduce the fuel bills, one of the best ways is to use CNG, which is comparatively much lower in price than petrol. In the past, we have seen many premium vehicles including the Honda Civic and Accord using CNG but this is the first time that you will see a Mercedes-Benz on compressed natural gas.

The video by Raspreet Gill shows the way of installing the CNG kit in the Mercedes Benz. It is a C-Class and as we all know Mercedes-Benz does not offer any CNG-powered vehicle from its factory.

The video shows the twelve-year-old Mercedes-Benz C-Class C200 Kompressor, which gets a petrol engine. With petrol, it generates a maximum power of 185 Bhp and a peak torque of 285 Nm.

While we do not get to see the process of installing the CNG kit in the Mercedes-Benz but the video shows the CNG kit under the hood. Also, the CNG cylinder is positioned in the boot, just like any other car. In fact, the vehicle also has a certification of CNG and it is placed under the lid.

In the video, they fill the CNG tank at a nearby fuel pump before taking it for a spin. It is an automatic model and the person driving the vehicle says that everything in the car works as it should. All the electrical fittings, gauges, instrument cluster are working as they used to before the CNG kit.

Working normally

Running a Mercedes Benz C-Class supercharged sedan on CNG: What does it run like

Since it is a high power engine, the vlogger takes a spin in the car and says that the engine works perfectly. It is an automatic vehicle and works smoothly. While driving the car, he says that there are no signs of lag in the car and it works perfectly fine. The only difference that he feels is the sound of CNG releasing from the tank.

There is a button next to the steering wheel that can be used to switch between the CNG and petrol. One can use the button while the vehicle is on the move. The person also claims that there is no difference in the performance of the car after installing the CNG kit. After installing the CNG kit, he says that the Mercedes-Benz can become a city car and there is no need to worry about the fuel economy of the vehicle anymore.

CNG kits are legal

One can install CNG kits in India without any problem or legal complications. However, there is a list of RTO-approved kits and one should look for these kits before choosing to convert the vehicle. Currently, there are quite a few manufacturers that offer factory-fitted CNG including India’s largest car manufacturer – Maruti Suzuki. Soon, Volkswagen Group will also launch vehicles with factory-fitted CNG kits.

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