Running costs of CNG and diesel now almost at par

The gap between diesel and CNG prices which was once quite wide is now becoming smaller. So much so that the very purpose of buying a CNG-powered car (low running costs) may soon be defeated.

Here we take a look at where this puts CNG fuelled cars vis-à-vis their diesel counterparts and how it affects car owners.

Running costs of CNG and diesel now almost at par
Photo: Post the hike in CNG prices diesel cars make more sense for the economy conscious buyer

What has happened?

The price of CNG was increased by Rs. 2.90 per kg on July 6, bringing the cost of CNG to Rs. 38.35 per kg in Delhi. The price of CNG was increased to safeguard Gas companies from bearing the brunt of the falling rupee. Moreover gas companies are now being forced to sell imported gas in larger volume than earlier to cope up with the decline in local gas production.

How it will affect car owners

The Maruti Suzuki Sx4 is one of the best examples to take here as it comes in both diesel and CNG powered v variants. The claimed mileage of the Sx4 CNG is 21.40 km per kg, while that of the Sx4 diesel is 22 kmpl.

The present price of diesel in New Delhi is Rs. 41.28 per litre which is only Rs. 2.93 more than the price of CNG. This means that a person who drives roughly 1,000 kms a month will spend Rs. 1,876.36 on diesel on the Sx4. Similarly an Sx4 CNG that is driven for 1,000 kms a month will cost you Rs. 1,792 on CNG. Also readLPG, CNG cars in India: Quick guide

Hence the monthly difference in fuel expenditure between a diesel and a CNG car is now only Rs. 85! If you take into account the loss of power and maintenance cost of a CNG car, it now makes much more sense to buy a diesel car. The difference between the purchase price of a CNG car and diesel car is also just Rs. 45,000, but in the long-term the diesel car will prove better in terms of maintenance and better power output.

What do you think about the rise in CNG price, does it make sense to buy a CNG car now? Share your views in the comments section below.