Russian President Vladimir Putin’s Aurus Senat presidential limousine & other official vehicles [Video]

The President of Russia – Vladimir Putin – is considered as one of the strongest people to hold an important around the world. The president used to move around in a Mercedes-Benz S600 Guard for years before finally choosing the Russia-made Aurus Senat as his official car. Here is what the presidential limousine used by Putin is all about and how he moves around in the most secure and safest way.

This video shows the most common modes of transportation used by President Vladimir Putin. However, we are most interested in his car and will start with that. President of Russia replaced the ageing Mercedes-Benz S600 Guard limousine with the local made Aurus Senat in 2019. The car was under development since 2013 and took a few years to become ready. Putin now uses a fleet of Aurus Senat limousines wherever he goes and even takes his new car to international trips.

The armoured Aurus Senat is specially developed for the president. However, unlike the Cadillac One, which is also known as The Beast, there is a civilian version of the Aurus Senat too. It is available in the Russian market for a price of 2.10 crores. The civilian version is not armoured and there are a lot of features that are not available with the car too.

The Aurus Senat is heavily armoured and can withstand bullets from semi-automatic, automatic guns and even direct blast impact. The ballistic protection details of the car are not known but it can withstand almost any kind of attacking device. It also gets bulletproof run-flat tyres that can take the car for a long-distance without the need for changing the tyres or repair the tyres. Putin has started taking this massive limousine to other countries as well. The cabin has not been revealed but it gets massive screens in the rear.

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s Aurus Senat presidential limousine & other official vehicles [Video]

Vladimir Putin also uses two customised Mi-8 helicopters to move around. Actually, he prefers going around in a helicopter rather than driving down the roads. The helicopters take Putin around in the country and also brings him to his residence from the airport. The helicopter gets a number of sofa sets on the inside and a few tables. It can hold quite a few passengers and his preferred mode to transport to ensure that the roads do not have to be blocked during his movements.

Just like United States Airforce One and India Airforce One. President Putin also uses an official aircraft to carry him around. The Russia-made Ilyushin IL96 aircraft has been thoroughly modified to transform it to President Putin’s official flight. It has a board room, individual guest houses and even a small gym. The aircraft can fly for hours and has counter-attract measures too.