Rusted Mahindra Scorpio transformed into a brand-new SUV

While the upcoming scrappage policy will promote scrapping old vehicles, there are still many who love to keep their vehicles for as long as possible. There are many restoration garages across India that do such restoration jobs and one of them is the very popular Brotomotiv based in Pune, Maharashtra.

This video shows a rusted Mahindra Scorpio brought back to life by the Brotomotiv garage. The video shows a 6-7 year old Mahindra Scorpio from Karnataka reaching the team. The footage shows the extremely rusted shell of the SUV. In the video, the door panels, quarter panels, roof, roof rails, and even the interior part of the vehicle rusted badly.

The team first refused to do any work on the vehicle because of the bad condition but then the owner persisted that they restore the vehicle. For restoration, the team chose a new shell. To look for the replacement shell, they went around looking for it in different scrapyards and finally found one in Kurla, Mumbai.

The video shows that after transporting the shell from Mumbai to Pune, they first repainted the chassis after cleaning it. They removed all the rust from the chassis and gave a new paint job. They fixed the body and then removed all the dents and added a new base paint layer.

The customer chose the all-black colour over the stock black and silver paint. This made the Scorpio look even more muscular. The team chose the onyx black paint for the job.

Changes made to the shell

Rusted Mahindra Scorpio transformed into a brand-new SUV

Since the new body shell did not have space for mounting the cladding and even had a different lock position, the garage made new holes for mounting the cladding and changed the lock position too.

They even revamped the interior with a new shade. The cabin gets dual-tone with cocoa and a black finish. They even updated the seats and gave a new life to the car. After the job is done, the car does look in a brand-new condition without any signs of restoration. The total cost of the upgrade is not mentioned in the video but such restoration jobs with such precision can cost lakhs of rupees.

Restorations are legal

Such restorations where the body is replaced are legal in India. As long as the chassis and the engine are stock, there are no problems in such restoration jobs. In the registration certificate, only the chassis number and the engine number are mentioned. Doing any job without removing or replacing these two items are legal. Changing the chassis or the engine requires endorsements on the registration certificate.

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