Watch a rusting Premier Padmini resto-modded into a gorgeous daily drive car [Video]

Premier Padmini was a very popular car in India. It was available in the country from 1970 to 2000. Initially known as Fiat 1100 Delight, the car was renamed or rebadged as Premier Padmini for our market. Just like HM Ambassador, there are still a section of people who love this car and are constantly looking for well kept examples. Many of them have been modified by custom houses to give it a modern touch but, there are still some owners who love keep it all original. Here we have one such video of a Premier Padmini that has been gorgeously restored.

The video has been uploaded by Autorounders on their youtube channel. The restoration work on this old Premier Padmini has been done by them only. The video starts by showing the old car entering the garage on a flatbed. It looked like the car was not in working condition and the body panels had started to rust. The car had its iconic off-white paint job with chrome strips.

On the inside, it had bench seats at the front and rear and the brown upholstery was looking in good condition. The dashboard and odometer definitely needed some work.  Autorounders did complete restoration work on this sedan to bring the car back to life. The video does not show the whole restoration process however the final product looked pretty good.

Starting with the exteriors, the chrome bumpers and the metal grille were polished. The chrome rings around the headlights, turn indicators and the PAL logo on the grille were also restored. The wheel caps, the door handles and the chrome running through the side of the car have been restored too. The whole car has been repainted and given a dual tone paint job. the body of the car gets the same old white colour whereas the roof and the pillars of the car have been given a dark red shade.

Moving inside, the interiors have also been restored. The odometer, dashboard all looks brand new. The color of the upholstery has also been changed. The seats are still the same bench type ones but they are now draped in a maroon coloured material. Similar colour material are used on the door as well. Overall, the car looks pretty neat and it seems like Autorounders have found a way to deal with the rust on the body as well.

The Premier Padmini has done duty for decades as a cab in Mumbai. This makes sourcing spares simpler for restoration jobs. This also makes the Premier Padmini a good choice for those who want to restore a classic car. The cost of the Premier Padmini in the used car market has been increasing over the past few years, indicating that demand for the car is going up.