Rusty old Toyota sedan neatly converted to look like a Ferrari [Video]

We have seen several conversion and modification videos on the internet. While some conversion jobs are executed neatly, others do not look great. There are several garages in our country that have modified normal cars into supercars and sports cars. We have seen people convert Honda Civic and Accord sedans into Lamborghini Aventador, Bugatti Veyron, and other exotic cars. Most of these creations lack finish. However, here, we have a video where a rusty old Toyota sedan has been neatly converted into a Ferrari supercar.

The video has been uploaded by NHET TV on their YouTube channel. In the past, we have featured several conversion and modification works from India; however, this one is not from India. This conversion is probably from Vietnam or Thailand. The guys working on this project look experienced, and they have done several modification projects like this in the past. The process starts by finding a donor car. They obtained a rusty old Toyota sedan with a working engine and gearbox. Other than these, all other body panels on the car were missing or broken.

The car is brought to the workshop and completely stripped. To make the Ferrari supercar, they start working on the chassis. They buy metal pipes and fabricate them to make the frame. Although they purchased the Toyota sedan, they only use the engine and gearbox from the car. Everything else on this homemade supercar was built from scratch. They used a scale model of the Ferrari La Ferrari to make the chassis. They measured everything and even built a suspension setup like the one seen on exotic cars. All of these were built using metal pipes. Once the frame was ready, they installed the engine at the rear and also installed Ferrari wheels. Once they saw everything was in place, they disassembled everything and welded it back together. They also applied a coat of primer to avoid rusting. Once everything was done, they took the car out for a test run and were impressed. They fixed all minor issues with the frame after the test run and, after returning to the garage, started working on the body panels.

Rusty old Toyota sedan neatly converted to look like a Ferrari [Video]
Old Toyota modified into supercar

They installed metal sheets on the frame and then applied modeling clay. Once the clay was spread evenly, they began carving the design of the Ferrari car. They carefully carved the design and once it was done, they applied several fiberglass sheets to these panels. These sheets were stuck using resin, and once the resin had cured, they pulled the panels out and removed the clay underneath. They cleaned the fiberglass panels, stuck more sheets over them to strengthen them, and after all that, they started cutting the sheets to make space for the doors, boot, and bonnet. They also made ORVMs using the same sheets and metal pipes.

The headlamps were also made in-house using resin. The LED DRLs, projector headlamps looked just like what we see in an original Ferrari. The exhaust system is also custom-made, and the interior of the car, such as the dashboard, steering wheel, and bucket seats, was also custom-made. Once all the panels, including the bumper, splitter, and diffuser, were ready, the car was taken to the paint booth and painted in Pink and Black dual-tone shade. This is by far one of the best-looking replicas of a Ferrari that we have seen on the internet. The proportions, looks, and even the design look just like an original Ferrari.

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