Rusty old Yamaha RX100 beautifully restored to factory condition [Video]

The Yamaha RX100 is an iconic motorcycle that needs no introduction. This motorcycle became extremely popular among youngsters in the 90s, and even today, it holds a special place in the hearts of many. A well-maintained RX100 motorcycle can fetch good money. We have come across several videos on the internet where people have neatly modified or restored this legendary motorcycle. There are several workshops in different parts of India that specifically work on this motorcycle. Here, we have a video where a rusty old Yamaha RX100 is beautifully restored.

The video has been uploaded by “Repair and Restoration.” The video shows the vlogger picking up an old Yamaha RX100 motorcycle that was abandoned in an alley. The motorcycle is taken to the workshop, and they start working on the restoration process. Most of the panels on this bike had rust issues, and the engine was also not in working condition. They start by dismantling the motorcycle, taking down the headlamps, broken instrument cluster, turn indicators, tail lamps, fuel tank, side covers, and every panel. Once the body panels are removed, they take the front and rear suspensions out. They remove the wheels, chain sprocket, and every other panel, including the engine.

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Finally, they are left with the chassis only. The workshop applies a solution on the frame to remove all the grease, dust, and dirt. The frame is thoroughly cleaned using a pressure washer, and after it has dried, they start checking the strength of the chassis. During inspection, they found that some parts of the frame had rust issues or maybe a crack. They reinforce the frame by welding it, and once this is done, they start working on the rest of the frame. The whole frame is repainted in black.

After the frame, they work on the fuel tank and the side covers. The bike’s tank had minor dents that were fixed, and the original stickers were also missing from them. The whole tank was repainted in a new shade, stickers were pasted, and a clear coat was applied to it. A similar treatment was given to the side covers. The motorcycle’s engine was also not in working condition. They took the engine to a lathe and repaired it. The engine was restored as well.

Rusty old Yamaha RX100 beautifully restored to factory condition [Video]
Yamaha RX100 before restoration

The suspension, steel rims, tubes, and tires were all installed on the motorcycle after they were either repaired or replaced. The handlebar on this motorcycle was also repainted as part of the project. The seat was reupholstered, and the headlamps, instrument cluster, and turn indicators are all new units. The silencer, which generates the signature two-stroke engine tone, was also restored and installed back on this motorcycle. The mudguard, both at the front and rear, had rust issues, and they were replaced with new panels. Once the work had finished, the motorcycle was looking brand new.

The Yamaha RX100 motorcycle was manufactured by Escorts Yamaha and was discontinued in 1996. It was an extremely lightweight motorcycle, which made it quick among its competition. This 100cc motorcycle generates 11 Bhp, which felt peppier mainly because of the lightweight body. There are reports that Yamaha is currently evaluating the market to bring back the RX100 back to India. It would be an entirely new motorcycle that will be using the old nameplate.

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