Sabarimala pilgrim bus’ brakes fail: KSRTC driver uses own bus to stop it [Video]

We often get to see bizarre incidents on the road. This one from Kerala is a rare act of bravery, a watchful local bus driver saved a tourist bus full of passengers from crashing into other vehicles. Here is what happened.

The bus from Andhra Pradesh carrying pilgrims to Sabarimala lost its control after its brake failed. The incident happened in the Erumeli region of Kerala where a lot of other vehicles have faced a similar situation in the past. The road is on a downward slope and a few other buses have suffered brake fading and failure on this stretch. Most buses overspeed on this stretch and then fail to bring the heavy vehicles under control.

After spotting the out-of-control tourist bus, Smithosh, the bus driver of KSRTC saw the out-of-control bus and decided to help. He put his bus in front of the other bus and slowed down by applying brakes. The tourist bus soft-landed on the KSRTC bus and then both buses slowed down.

Sabarimala pilgrim bus’ brakes fail: KSRTC driver uses own bus to stop it [Video]

The crash between the two buses was caught on CCTV. Both buses were full of passengers. However, no one was injured during the rescue mission. The bus driver from Andhra Pradesh thanked the KSRTC driver and thanked him for helping him. Devaswom board minister called and appreciated the efforts of Smithosh, who was driving the KSRTC bus. Many political leaders and local leaders also congratulated Smithosh for his bravery.

Similar incident reported from the Mumbai-Pune expressway

A few weeks ago, a similar incident was reported from the Pune-Mumbai expressway. A trailer truck lost its control on a downward slope on the expressway. Another truck driver drove in front of the truck and blocked it and then slowed down.

The is no information on how the brakes failed but in most cases, not maintaining the vehicles regularly causes such failures.

We get to see numerous vehicles in shoddy, poor conditions on the Indian highways. Most of these vehicles are heavy trucks that are mostly overloaded. Such vehicles which are not fit to be on public roads can become a major problem and can cause accidents too.

No runaway ramps for heavy vehicles

Runway truck ramps are very common in Europe, the USA and many other countries around the world. These are the ramps that heavy heavy vehicles use on the highways to come to stop when the brakes fail. Such ramps are located alongside the major highways and are designed to slow down trucks with failed brakes.

The ramps are filled with materials like sand piles that slow down the trucks. There are modern mechanical arrestors too. However, sand piles are the most common materials used in these ramps. Heavy vehicles can drive into these ramps if the brake fails and come to a stop safely, without any external help.