Sachin Tendulkar asks lady pillion rider to wear a helmet; Gets trolled

Ace cricketer Sachin Tendulkar is also a major car enthusiast. Recently, Mr. Tendulkar was in Kochi to promote the Indian Soccer League (ISL), of which he’s a team-owner. While he was being driven across the city, many of his fans came up to his car’s window to get a closer look at him. One such fan, who was riding a scooter has a lady pillion who wasn’t wearing a helmet. Sachin made his driver slow down the car, and waited for the couple to ride along. He then went on to tell the lady pillion to wear a helmet as riding without one is unsafe.

The cricketer posted a video to his Facebook and Twitter pages. He promptly got trolled. While some people asked Tendulkar to first wear a seatbelt before advising others, other people asked him to attend parliament regularly. Despite the trolls, many of the master-blaster’s fans came out in support, saying that Tendulkar was promoting helmets, and safe riding habits.

Here are some reactions to Tendulkar’s video about the importance of even the pillion rider wearing a helmet.

Sachin Tendulkar asks lady pillion rider to wear a helmet; Gets trolled

Leaving trolling aside, what Mr. Tendulkar is saying makes great sense. Riding a two wheeler is inherently dangerous in an accident-prone country like India. So, it goes without saying that both rider and pillion wear helmets irrespective of what the rules say. This is for their own safety. Along with helmets, it’s also important to wear other riding gear such as a protective jacket, gloves, arm and leg guards, etc.

Mr. Tendulkar himself should practise wearing the seatbelts at all times, irrespective of whether he is driving or being driven. Though the law in India does not make wearing seatbelts mandatory for passengers on the rear seat, it needs to be worn by every passenger in the interest of their safety. Many people have gotten injured and even died because of not wearing a seatbelt on the rear seat of cars. Don’t become the next victim.