Ace cricketer Sachin Tendulkar meets Mumbai police traffic constable for saving his friend’s life

It’s always a better thing to be a good Samaritan, rather than popping up your cameras and shooting or completely ignoring the situation when someone has met an accident on the road. Keeping the flame of kindness and good deed alive, a Mumbai Traffic police constable saved an accident victim by rushing her to Nanavati Hospital. The victim turned out to be a good friend of former ace cricketer Sachin Tendulkar, who personally thanked the police constable for being the saviour angel.

The incident dates back to November 30, when a woman named Nirupama Chavan met with a road accident in Santacruz (west), as the auto-rickshaw in which she was commuting got struck with a pole, which was hit by a heavy vehicle. The pole fell on the auto-rickshaw, which severely injured Chavan. Some 10-15 people lifted the heavy pole, while a traffic constable named Suresh Dhumse, who was on duty at the spot, rushed and took the victim to Nanavati Hospital.

In his statement, constable Dhumse told to media that he sat in the passenger leg space while taking proper care of the victim’s spine. He then instructed the auto-rickshaw driver to drive slowly and head to Nanavati Hospital, which was nearby the spot where the accident took place. He then informed the husband of the victim about the accident, who then rushed to the hospital. After a few days, Dhumse got a thanks-greeting call from the victim’s husband, who told that the victim is now able to walk.

Sachin Tendulkar went to the police station

Ace cricketer Sachin Tendulkar meets Mumbai police traffic constable for saving his friend’s life

On hearing this news and the prompt action taken by the traffic constable in the situation, Sachin Tendulkar also went personally to the Police Station of Santacruz, where Dhumse was on duty. He then thanked Dhumse for his good presence of mind, saying that the world is a better place due to people like him who go beyond the call of duty. He even shared the whole incident and his experience of meeting with the traffic police constable on Twitter, which was then shared by the Mumbai Police on their Twitter Handle after a couple of days.

Overwhelmed by the words of praise from the cricketer, Dhumse said that he has always seen Sachin as an idol and has grown up watching him playing cricket since his childhood. He concluded by saying that he was just doing his duty as a good human being, as any sane and caring person would have done the same thing that he did at the time of the accident.

In the past, we have seen several instances of road accidents, where the victim succumbed to injuries, just because he was not treated with medications or surgeries at the right time. In case of an accident, it is a human duty to help the victims by taking them to the nearest medical facility or calling an ambulance, which will only help in saving precious lives.

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