Sachin Tendulkar to Nitin Gadkari: Act against fake/non-ISI crash helmet makers

Cricketing great and sitting Rajya Sabha MP Sachin Tendulkar has written a letter to the union minister of highways and road transport, Nitin Gadkari. In the letter, Tendulkar has asked Minister Gadkari to take string action against manufacturers of low quality helmets that don’t have the ISI mark, and also against fake-helmet makers, who put the ISI mark on helmets that don’t meet ISI norms. Mr. Tendulkar, who has been advocating the use of helmets by both riders and pillions, also called for the lowering of prices of ISI branded helmets so that more two wheeler riders buy such helmets instead of fakes.

Sachin Tendulkar to Nitin Gadkari: Act against fake/non-ISI crash helmet makers

Here are some of the key statements Mr. Tendulkar made in his letter to Minister Gadkari,

I am writing to you to request your ministry to consider action against helmet manufacturers using low-grade material and selling it with a fake ISI mark. As sportspersons, we understand the importance of using original high-quality safety equipment when we go to play on the field. The same original high-quality standards need to be maintained when it comes to helmets that will be used by two-wheeler riders in India. I understand that the ministry has been actively working on public safety measures. I would strongly urge your ministry to take strong action against manufacturers of helmets that are putting lives of people at risk by using fake ISI marks on low grade, low quality helmets that will not protect head injuries in an accident.

Over the last few months, traffic police authorities in multiple states have started acting against non-ISI crash helmets. While Bangalore and Mysuru traffic police officials started the drive against non-ISI helmets and stopped it due to not having a credible way to ascertain the quality of helmets, the Telangana police have recently stepped up efforts to fine two wheeler riders using non-ISI, poor quality helmets.

Wearing such helmets is useless in times of a crash. It’s very important for two wheeler riders to buy ISI-branded helmets that confirm to minimum safety standards, and that will also protect the riders’ heads during a crash. In two wheeler accidents, most deaths are caused due to head injuries, which are easily avoidable if a good quality helmet is work. Both the rider and pillion need to wear crash helmets.

Via FinancialExpress