Sadhguru is India’s ‘Biker Baba’: Here’s proof

Jaggi Vasudev, who is popularly known as Sadhguru lives the life king size. He is an automobile enthusiast and loves motorcycles. Even at the age of 62, he regularly rides motorcycles and often his videos also go viral on the Internet. He is truly India’s ‘Biker Baba’ and here’s why.


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Jaggi Vasudev has been officially riding a few motorcycles in the past and also owns a Ducati Scrambler. In one of his speeches, he said that the motorcycles are his passion and it has undiminished today as it was during his college days. He also said that a motorcycle often served as much more than just a vehicle.

There are several pictures of Sadhguru on motorcycles that were clicked at different locations. The latest picture shows him riding a Ducati Multistrada Pikes Peak edition. While it was believed that he bought the bike but clarification from ISHA foundation revealed that it belonged to one of the members of the foundation. Here is an unseen picture of him riding the 229kg weighing massive Multistrada Pikes Peak edition. The limited-edition bike offers Termignoni exhaust, cornering ABS and bi-directional quick-shifter.

Sadhguru has even used bike rallies for a cause. Last year, he rode a Honda VFR X on the “Save Cauvery” rally. This is a rare bike to spot in India and it offers an automatic transmission. He rode with many other expensive bikes surrounding him including Honda Africa Twin, Kawasaki Ninja 1000, Ducati Diavel, Suzuki V-Storm and more. He also rode a Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled on the public roads during the “Rally for Rivers”.

His passion for biking was known to many in the past but his video of taking Baba Ramdev on a ride is what became viral on the Internet. Sadhguru gave a short ride to Baba Ramdev on a Ducati Desert Sled inside a campus. The Desert Sled is owned by Sadhguru and he has been spotted riding it on several occasions.

Jaggi Vasudev belongs from Mysore, a city where Jawa motorcycles were made. He once said that his hometown is known for Jawa bikes. Earlier this year, he was even spotted riding the new Jawa. He was riding a Jawa 42 and even compared it to the older Jawas.

He is a passionate biker and used to go on motorcycle trips in his younger days. His collection in the younger days included a Yezdi 350, which was a powerful motorcycle in its time. He has also been spotted riding a BMW RG1200S and a few dirt bikes around the world.

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