Sadhguru uses Honda Africa Twin with Akrapovic exhaust to ride around the Himalayas [Video]

Vasudev Jaggi, now widely known as Sadhguru, has been embarking on motorcycle journeys around the world for many years. Recently, he concluded his trip in the USA, riding a BMW K1600 GT. In India, he chose to ride with a group of followers to Kedarnath, and for this ride, he opted for a modified Honda Africa Twin equipped with an Akrapovic exhaust system.

In the video, Sadhguru is seen inspecting the motorcycle before setting off with the group to Jim Corbett, then continuing the journey to Rishikesh and Gaurikund, which marks the last motorable point towards Kedarnath.

Regarding the Africa Twin, it comes fitted with the premium Akrapovic Titanium Racing Exhaust System, which carries a price tag of around Rs 1.5 lakh. This exhaust system enhances the motorcycle’s power output by approximately 5 Bhp and increases the torque as well. Additionally, the racing exhaust makes the bike about 5 kgs lighter and produces a throatier sound. However, it is worth noting that some long-distance tourers prefer the stock exhaust over aftermarket options because aftermarket exhausts tend to be louder, which can be bothersome for some riders. Although it boosts power, it may also impact the motorcycle’s fuel efficiency.

Sadhguru uses Honda Africa Twin with Akrapovic exhaust to ride around the Himalayas [Video]

Honda Africa Twin

The Africa Twin is renowned as one of the finest adventure tourer motorcycles globally, offering a unique feature of dual-clutch automatic transmission alongside the traditional manual gearbox.

Under the hood, Honda equips it with a potent 1,084cc parallel-twin cylinder engine, delivering an impressive 101 PS of maximum power and 105 Nm of peak torque. Adding to its versatility, the motorcycle offers six distinct riding modes, which can adjust the power delivery, ABS, and traction control settings to suit various terrains and preferences.

Enhancing the riding experience, the Africa Twin is fitted with a large TFT screen that supports Apple CarPlay integration, ensuring seamless connectivity while on the road. The motorcycle’s front end is equipped with inverted Showa forks, fully adjustable to accommodate different riding conditions, while the rear features a Pro-Link single shocker.

With front-wheel measurements of 21 inches and rear wheels measuring 18 inches, the Africa Twin ensures stability and control over a variety of surfaces, making it a reliable companion for adventure enthusiasts.

Sadhguru is a devoted motorcycle enthusiast and has been riding since his youth. In an interview, he shared that he owned a Yamaha RD 350 during his college days, and he would embark on rides across India with it. Notably, he has also ventured on a ride with Baba Ramdev aboard a Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled. Throughout the years, he has been seen riding various bikes such as the BMW R1200 GS and several dirt bikes, exploring destinations all around the globe.

Interestingly, Sadhguru’s love for motorcycles extends beyond high-end models, as he equally enjoys riding mass-segment bikes. He once took a modified Jawa 42 for a ride, showcasing that the joy of riding knows no age limits. For those who are passionate about motorcycling, it can be a lifelong pursuit, regardless of age.

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