Sales of all variants of Volkswagen Polo stopped in India

According to multiple reports, the sales of VW Polo have been suspended with immediate effect. The dealers are reported to have received a letter from Volkswagen, asking them to stop the sales of all variants of the Polo hatchback.

Sales of all variants of Volkswagen Polo stopped in India

(Image of the letter, courtesy of The Economic Times.)

While the reason behind the move remains unclear, a VW official has, in a reply to Autocar India, confirmed that the stoppage of sales is not related to the whole ‘diesel gate’ saga going around. A PTI report, on the other hand, hints at it being due to a a different ‘technical issue’.

A formal reply from the company is expected soon. Since the Polo shares its platform with a number of products in India, had there been a flaw, VW could have stopped the sales of Vento and Skoda Rapid, as well. But that hasn’t happened yet, so it’s likely to be a smaller issue than what most investigative minds might make you believe.


A statement by Volkswagen mentions that the sales are stopped due to

“a technical reason which is currently under evaluation. This concerns a limited number of cars out of a specific production period. Volkswagen further confirms that deliveries for the non-impacted Polo range continues as schedule.

Volkswagen would like to clarify that the temporary hold on deliveries is not related to the ongoing EA 189 diesel engine topic.”


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