Say goodbye to fogged car windscreens; It’s really very easy

The rainy season has arrived. Not only do you have to face issues with water logged streets and traffic, but you will also have to contend with fogging of the windows on your car. But it’s a very easy problem to solve. But before that let’s understand why fogging happens in the first place.

Why do car windows get fogged?

Say goodbye to fogged car windscreens; It’s really very easy

Since the rain water cools down the surface, the temperature inside the vehicle becomes higher than that outside the vehicle. Since the outside is colder and the inside is hotter, when moisture from inside comes in contact with the glass area, it condenses and becomes foggy.

So fogging has happened, now what?

Say goodbye to fogged car windscreens; It’s really very easy

Each car has a defogger for the front windscreen and most of them have it for the rear as well. When the fogging starts, put on your defoggers to clear the windows. The defogger sucks out the moisture from the surface. But this cannot take car of the side windows. One way to make sure the side windows don’t fog is to shut the side AC vents.

Long term solution?

Fogging can be prevented by forming a layer on top of the glass such that the moisture doesn’t stick to it. This can either be done by getting an anti-fog liquid or by using items found in most households. Chris Fix has posted a video on things you can find at home that will prevent your windows from fogging up in this rainy season.

To summarize, tooth paste is the best item to prevent your windows from fogging.

How to apply?

Clean all the windows, apply toothpaste gently to the window area and spread it. Once it is spread, clean it off with a cloth. As you can see in the video, this is a very effective way of preventing your windows from fogging up. So spend a couple of minutes to do this exercise and you will be rewarded by windows that don’t fog up.