Say howdy, the all-new 2014 Ford Mustang is here

Snapshot: American car maker Ford has unveiled the 6th generation version of its iconic pony car, the Mustang. The 2014 Mustang will be built in both left hand and right hand drive versions. The pony car is rumoured to arrive into India during the second half of 2014.

Say howdy, the all-new 2014 Ford Mustang is here

The Ford Mustang was first let into the motor world in 1964. The pony car turns 50 next year and the 2014 Mustang has arrived just in time for the iconic automobile’s 50th anniversary. In its 6th generation, the 2014 Mustang gets styling that is all new, but one that retains design elements that goes as back as the famous 1969 model. While the 2014 model does retain the styling cues of the Mustang brand, the design seems a little soft, compared to the butch Mustang lines we’ve been used to in previous generation models of the car.

The Mustang will be available with three engines, all of them petrol powered. A 5.0-liter, naturally aspirated V8 motor outputs 420 bhp-530 Nm, while the 3.7 liter V6 motor outputs 300 Bhp-366 Nm. Ford has also added an all-new EcoBoost turbo petrol motor to the 2014 Mustang. The 2.3 liter-4 cylinder motor outputs 305 Bhp-406 Nm. The muscle car gets two transmission options: a 6 speed manual and a 6 speed automatic. The automatic gearbox equipped version gets paddle shifters.

Other new bits on the 2014 Mustang include independent rear suspension that replaces the solid rear axle. The front suspension has also been completely reworked while the car gets a new braking system that to provide better stopping power. In terms of interiors, the 2014 Mustang gets more spacious on the inside. The quality of the car’s interiors is said to have gone up a few notches with Ford claiming that the 2014 Mustang’s cabin is the most well-crafted ever.

Although the 2014 Mustang is built on the “One Ford” global platform, the car maker claims that the muscle car is differentiated well enough to maintain its individuality. Coming to the Indian angle of this report, Ford India is said to be contemplating the launch of the 2014 Mustang late next year. The car is likely to be be imported through the completely built unit (CBU) route. In India, the 2014 Mustang’s only role will be that of being a brand builder for the “Blue Oval”. Limited volumes will be Ford India’s target.