Scammer falls in front of the car to extort money: Busted after dashcam shows what really happened

The Indian roads are full of scammers. We have seen gangs operating in the past to steal money and extort people by faking accidents. Here is a new kind of scam from Aarey Forest Colony in Mumbai. The whole incident got caught on the dashboard. It also shows the need for dashboard cameras in India.

The footage recorded on the dashboard camera shows a car on a single-lane road. Another vehicle overtakes and slows down due to a speed breaker in front. This forces the owner to slow down. As soon as the car slows down, a pedestrian, who was walking perfectly suddenly jumps and lies down in front of the vehicle.

The locals see after a few seconds that the man is lying down. A person, who seems to be the accomplice gathers people and rushes towards the car. The driver of the vehicle, who does not seem like a native explains that the man fell in front of the car on his own and he has nothing to do with it. It also seems like the registration of the car is not local, which is why the person chose to target this vehicle.

Scammer falls in front of the car to extort money: Busted after dashcam shows what really happened

It seems like the driver escaped the spot without paying any extortion money as there was a dashboard camera installed in the vehicle. Had it been a car without any dashboard camera, it would have been a different story.

Well-known scam in China

In China, the such scam was rampant a few years ago. People used to lie down in front of the cars even though the vehicle stopped for a traffic signal. Later, the scammers extorted massive amounts of money.

The trend changed after a few years when car drivers started crushing the body of such people to ensure that they are dead. According to Chinese law, the car owner is liable to pay for any injuries or disabilities. Scammers could have faked such disabilities to get money for life. Instead, the car drivers started crushing such scammers to death and paying one time fine instead of the possibility of paying a support amount for life.

Such scams are not very common in India. But who knows? In the age of Internet, scammers may just get the right idea by looking around on social media platforms.

Install a dashboard camera in your car

The dashboard is very useful in various cases. It can be used to record accidents and crimes on public roads. The footage provides important and very crucial evidence when accidents happen and it eases the process of insurance claims.

Many high-end cameras can also detect motion and capture the footage ensuring that it records if anyone tries to temper the vehicle. In all, dashboard cameras are a great investment and everyone should get one for their own safety and to avoid such situations.