Scared elephant attacks Tata Nexon compact SUV: Passengers safe [Video]

Several incidents have been reported from around the world were wild animals have attacked people and vehicles. Most of the time, this happens when these animals feel threatened. Here we have one such incident were an elephant attacked a Tata Nexon that was parked on road side.

There are two videos circulating online about the same incident. The first one shows how elephant attacked Tata Nexon and the second one is post the attack. The first video has been uploaded by Kozhikodan Vlogger  and the second one by Aghil Nrd. Incident took place in Kerala. The exact location and details are not available in the video. In the first video, a religious procession can be seen. Using elephants in such religious processions are quite common in Kerala. There have been incidents in the past where elephants that were brought in for religious ceremonies have got scared and attacked people.

Scared elephant attacks Tata Nexon compact SUV: Passengers safe [Video]

There are two elephants in the video. One of them is walking in front and the other is at the back. The procession is slowly moving forward on a narrow road. It is visible in the video that two cars have been parked on one side of the road. It looks like the driver had stopped the car so that that elephants and people could pass. The first elephant walked past the cars without any issue and after some time, the second elephant came to the same spot. Everything was looking fine but then suddenly, the elephant got scared for some reason and immediately turned towards the Tata Nexon parked on the road.

The elephant attacked the Tata Nexon using its tusks. The incident happened at night due to which there is no proper light while shooting the video. The video cannot clearly show the damage that the elephant had caused to the Nexon. It looks like the elephant broke the window glass. The person shooting the video can be heard saying that the person inside the Nexon is safe and has managed to get out from the car. The driver might have managed to get out from the co-passenger door when the elephant attacked.

In the next video, which was shot after the attack had happened, the elephant is seen standing next to the Tata Nexon calmly. It had attacked the Tata Nexon only once and it looks like the elephant was scared by something. Things like harsh light, loud sound can easily scare an animal like elephant. It is always a good idea to turn off the lights in your vehicle if you see an elephant passing by. The exact reason why this elephant got scared is not mentioned in the video. In the first video, one of the person who was shooting the video of procession and the elephant attacking can be heard saying that the road was not blocked. When such religious processions happen especially when it includes animals like an elephant, it is always a good idea to divert the traffic through other routes to avoid congestion and such incidents. Passengers and driver in this Nexon were thankfully unhurt by the animal.