10 of India’s SCARIEST roads to drive after dark

Paranormal activities are something that keeps many of us on our toes but then there are many who do not believe in these. Well, India is known for its rich culture and heritage and in many parts of the country, paranormal activities are experienced by the locals. It even happens to motorists and road users. Which are the scariest roads to drive in India? Well, here are ten of them.

Delhi Cantonment Road

delhi cannt

Covered in thick forest, the Delhi Cantonment is one of the greenest places in the city. However, there are many stories of a lady dressed in white clothes from the vicinity. The lady apparently asks for a lift from the passerby and if someone does not stops, she starts running beside the vehicle. It is believed that the lady met with a fatal accident on this road several years ago.

East Coast Road, Chennai

ecr chennai

The East Coast Road or commonly known as ECR connects Chennai and Puducherry and is one of the most beautiful roads in the country. The stretch remains unlit at night and is covered with trees. There have been a few sightings of a woman in white saree with a toddler who comes in front of the vehicle from many years now.

Blue Cross Road, Chennai

blue cross road

The Blue Cross Road near Beasant Nagar has a thick cover of trees. The single-lane road has seen a lot of suicides in the past for unknown reasons. The locals believe that this road is haunted and all the people who have died here come back at the night to scare others.

NH-209 through the Sathyamangalam Wildlife Sanctuary


This was a stronghold area of Veerappan, the infamous dacoit. A lot of people were killed in the area by him and the locals and villagers keep on reporting loud screams and ghost-like figures moving around in the area. It is not known if it is actually paranormal or activities are done by the troops of Veerappan.

Kashedi Ghat

Kashedi ghat

This is between Mumbai-Goa and it is one of the most scenic and tricky roads ever. A lot of accidents have been reported from this region in the past. As per the locals, a person suddenly appears in front of the vehicle asking them to stop. People who do not stop or run over the ghost are said to meet with fatal accidents.

Jamshedpur-Rachi NH33


The Naxalite activities have made this route extremely dangerous, especially at night. The Naxals stop people travelling on this stretch at night and loot them. There are also reports of ghost-like figures in the stretch. This is why there are a lot of temples located on the road and many visit the temples before travelling on the highway.

Beasant Avenue, Chennai


This is another road in Chennai which is said to be affected by paranormal activities. According to the people who live around in the city, a playful ghost hits and slaps the passerby randomly. Also, an unnatural force throws around people on the road.

Kasara Ghat, Mumbai-Nashik

kasara ghat

The Mumbai-Nashik stretch has plenty of forest cover. The stretch has a lot of tree cover and people have reported that they have seen human figures sitting on the top of the trees. Many have also reported that they have seen a headless lady in white clothes on the tree.

Marve & Madh Road, Mumbai

marv & madh road

Many believe that this road is haunted by a bride who was brutally murdered and dumped in the mangrove forest on the night of her wedding. The locals believe that the lady comes back and stands in front of the vehicles. Because of this, many accidents have happened where people have swerved to avoid her.

Igorchem Road, Goa

igorchem bandh

This road is located behind the church of ‘Our Girl of Snows’. Unlike all other places that are said to be paranormal at night, this road stays haunted even during the days. The area is said to be haunted by wandering lost souls.