Scary video shows attempted car hijack at night, driver escapes narrowly

We are all aware that the secluded roads and highways are not very safe in India, especially at night. While there are many scammers and looters wait on the highway to target the truck drivers, there are many who also target cars and other vehicles. Here is one such scary incident from Jajpur, Odisha, where the incident was recorded in the dashboard camera.

The details of this video are not available yet. However, the video recorded from the dashboard camera of the vehicle is quite scary. If the driver did not show his presence of mind, it could have gone the wrong way and ended up in loot or hijack case.

The video is from Jajpur, Odisha and shows a vehicle on the secluded, unlit roads at night. The timestamp on the video shows that the incident took around 1:30 AM.  The video shows a group of people standing on the road flashing strong LED torch on the face of the driver. The driver at first thinks that they are cops and stops the vehicle. However, when he realises that they are not cops and have not stopped the car with good intentions, he puts the vehicle in reverse and guns it.

Scary video shows attempted car hijack at night, driver escapes narrowly

The gang that stopped him in the first place starts running behind the car trying it stop it. They also throw crowbars on the vehicle in an attempt to damage the car and stop the driver from escaping. However, with a good presence of mind, the driver escaped the place, took a U-turn and went on the wrong way. There were no other vehicles on the road, which is probably why this gang was operating on this stretch.

Further details like police FIR or registered complaint are not known. It is likely that the person has registered a case since he has video proof but no statement has been released by the Odisha Police yet.

Robberies on Indian roads

This is not an isolated incident where a gang of robbers tried to loot a car. There are many such infamous gangs like thak-thak gang, axle gang and more who do such robberies quite often. The operation procedure of the thak-thak gang is also well-documented in the CCTV cameras and even the cops have made numerous arrests. The gang lures the driver to come out of the vehicle by throwing money or saying that oil is leaking from the radiator. When the alone driver comes out of the vehicle, they take out bags that contain valuables like a laptop or cash. They also have different approaches like becoming a pedestrian and alleging that the car has hit them.

The axle gang operates on the Yamuna Expressway and they keep big rocks in the middle of the highway. When the rocks hit the vehicle, it goes out of control. In most cases, the axle of the vehicle breaks, which is how the gang got its name. They then loot the car and occupants and run away from the spot. There are gangs that do such things to the truck drivers and loot cash and other material that they carry. In a few cases, they even dress like policemen to confuse the motorists. It is always a good idea to travel only when there is ample light and travel at night only if you know the route very well.

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