School van driving on the wrong side nearly crashes into a Honda Amaze [Video]

India has one of the most dangerous roads in the world. While the condition of the roads plays a major role in the safety of the motorists, more than often, the road users do not follow the traffic rules causing major accidents. One of the most common offences done by the motorists on the Indian roads is taking the wrong side of the road. Most of such offenders go on the wrong side to save going the extra distance to take a U-turn. Vehicles on the wrong side have caused some major accidents on the roads and many of them have turned out to be fatal too. However, there are many who continue to do this brazen act.

In a video from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, a school van can be seen speeding in the wrong side of the road. The video by TOI shows that the vehicle is full of school children and as per TOI, there are as many as eight children were in the van when the incident took place. The video shows the bright yellow coloured van nearly missing a Honda Amaze, which was going in the right direction. It should be noted the van in the wrong direction went on with his journey without getting affected by the narrow-miss.

The van continues to go on the wrong side without caring much about the oncoming traffic. It should be noted that only a few days ago, a school van in Lucknow crashed into a UPSRTC bus that caused injuries to four kids. On Tuesday, another school van with 11 kids rammed into a mini-truck. In both situations, the school vans were the wrong direction. While going in the wrong direction saves a lot of time, the van drivers put the lives of these school children at massive risk.

School Van Featured

The city cops of Lucknow are yet to respond to these incidents and start a crackdown. A few weeks back, police forces in Gujarat started cracking down on the school buses and vans to ensure the safety of the children, which caused a massive protest by the school vehicle operators. The drivers even went on strike for a few days and the city cops used the official vehicles to ferry the children from home to school and vice-versa during the strikes.

Driving on the wrong side is a major menace in India. In Noida, Uttar Pradesh, the authorities installed spikes to deflate the tyres of the vehicles on the wrong side. It was started as a pilot project in the city but it is not known if the authorities are planning to expand the project to the other cities of the state too. However, the spot where the near-miss incident took place in Lucknow, no cops were present at the spot to regulate the traffic and stop such offenders.