Scooter crashes into police woman who crossed road carelessly [Video]

If you are person who is driving or riding a vehicle or a pedestrian, one has to be extremely careful. With number of vehicles on road increasing daily, the accidents on road are also on the rise. We have seen several videos where bikers miraculously escape from crashing into people, other vehicles and animals. In all those videos, the quick response from the riders is what had saved them. Not everyone is lucky and here we have a video where a scooter is seen crashing into a police woman who was crossing the road carelessly.

The video has been uploaded by Kerala Online News on their YouTube channel. The incident according to the video is from Kannur district in Kerala. The accident was recorded in a CCTV camera that was installed near a bus stand. In this video, a couple of police officers can be seen crossing the road. A bus stops next to the crossing blocking the view of the pedestrians. The cops continue to cross the road. The officer walking in the front crosses the road without any problems but the woman police officer who was following the cop in front blindly forgot to look out for any vehicles on the road.

As she came to the road, a scooter rider who was coming at good speed crashes into the police woman. The officer is thrown away and the scooter rider can be seen escaping from the spot. The scooter rider did not fall from the scooter and he somehow managed to gain the control back. Even without stopping, he escaped from the spot. The police woman is now lying on the road. It is not clear whether she fell unconscious or if she was badly injured to get up by herself.

Scooter crashes into police woman who crossed road carelessly [Video]

Her colleagues who were waiting on the road side quickly come towards her and pick up the fallen woman officer. The officer quickly picks her up and take her to the foot path. In this case both the scooter rider and the woman police officer are at fault. The officers were crossing between two buses that came to a stop. They could not see any vehicles that were coming from the right side. In such cases, the pedestrian should either wait for the buses to move, so that they can cross the road after getting a clear look on the vehicles coming towards them.

Or else even if they decided to cross with buses on the stop, they should have been careful. The should have looked from vehicles or stopped before crossing the road. The scooter rider was also at fault because, he was overtaking the buses without looking for other vehicles or pedestrian. As seen in the video, he was riding slowly, when he hit the police woman. If you find yourself in such a situation, where there is a bus stop and you cannot see if anyone is trying to cross the road, then, it is recommended to ride slow.

This would give you enough time to stop or slow down, even if someone decides to cross the road at the last moment. Another thing that we noticed in the video is the way the cops picked up the police woman. Suddenly picking up a person like that can be dangerous. There is a possibility that the person might have broken some bones or might have got internal injuries. One must always make sure that the person does not have any such injuries while picking up.