Scooter riders narrowly escape getting crushed between two buses

India sees one of the highest numbers of accidents in the world. Two-wheeler riders are mostly involved in the accidents and that’s because most two-wheeler riders try to overtake other vehicles through impossible gaps. Here is a video that shows a couple riding a scooter almost getting crushed between two buses.

The video is from Puducherry and shows the recording of the near-miss from cameras mounted on the bus. The footage shows a narrow two-lane road in the city and two state buses approaching each other. Suddenly, a scooter with a pillion rider enters the footage as it was trying the overtake the bus coming from the opposite side.

As two buses cross each other, there is not much space for the scooter to pass. The scooter gets stuck between both the buses and looking at the same, both the bus drivers apply brakes at the same time saving the couple riders from getting crushed.

Both the riders on the scooter were not wearing any safety gear including a helmet. It was the sheer presence of mind by the bus drivers that saved both the scooter riders. Had both the bus drivers could not brake well in time, the result of the accident could have been quite different.

Overtaking other vehicles

Scooter riders narrowly escape getting crushed between two buses

The footage clearly shows that the scooter rider did not wait for a safe passage and just wanted to get ahead of the bus. Patience is the key to safe overtaking. Without patience, one can find themselves in the most difficult spots.

One should also consider that heavy vehicles like trucks and buses do not have good visibility. That is why one should be extremely careful while overtaking trucks and buses. Most truck and bus drivers cannot spot vehicles that are very close, which is why it is extremely important to wait for the right and safe moment to overtake such vehicles.

Always make sure that you maintain enough distance while overtaking a heavy vehicle, including buses. Most of the time, the brake lights of such vehicles do not work properly. Staying alert near such vehicles can prove to be a life-saving decision.

Also, since it is quite difficult to get the right of way from the slow-moving heavy vehicles, overtaking from the left is something everyone does nowadays. However, whenever possible, always try to overtake from the right-hand side of a vehicle because that’s the safest thing to do.

Such incidents are quite common on Indian roads and many of them result in fatal accidents. While overtaking, one should always check the way ahead and overtake only if it is clear and there is enough space. It is always a good idea to wait for the clear road ahead rather than blindly following a vehicle on the roads.