Scooter rider distracted by Ferrari & superbikes crashes into a parked car [Video]

There are several videos of careless drivers and riders available online. Most of these riders or drivers end up causing an accident. Here we have one such video of a scooter rider who got distracted by a passing Ferrari and other superbikes on the road and he ended up crashing the scooter into a car that was parked on the road side.

The video has been uploaded by Spotter India on their YouTube channel. The channel actually spots exotic and super cars in Bangalore. The video was posted couple of months ago. In this video, the vlogger is actually following a Ferrari 812 Superfast of the roads of Bangalore. He was waiting for the super car to pass so that he could follow it and record a video of the car. As he started following the car, a scooter rider is seen in front of him. He was riding the scooter normally and after few seconds he is seen crashing into a Maruti Dzire cab parked on the side of the road.

This happened so quickly that the vlogger did not understand what actually happened. He stopped the vehicle that he was riding and looks back to see if the person was injured or not. The video mentions that the rider was actually fine and did not suffer any injuries. Thankfully, he was wearing a helmet. The video does not show whether the scooter and the car were damaged or not. So how did this accident actually happen?. If you look closely, the scooter rider was riding normally through his lane when he suddenly noticed a loud superbike passing through the opposite side.

Scooter rider distracted by Ferrari & superbikes crashes into a parked car [Video]

He started looking at the superbike and got distracted by it. He completely turned his head around and his eyes were completely off the road. The moment, he turned his head around, his scooter started to move away from the road and within seconds he was on the extreme left side of the road and crashed into the car. The whole accident happened in the matter of just seconds. This video is a perfect example on why you should never take your eyes off the road while driving. This accident was clearly caused by the scooter rider as he was completely distracted by the superbike. By the time rider realised that he was distracted, it was too late and applying brakes did not help in any manner.

Few seconds of distraction lead to an accident. If you riding inside city or even on a highway, never take your eyes off the road. Once your eyes are not on the road, the coordination of your hand is affected. We may not notice but, when we are looking at the road ahead, our hands maintain the course and it keeps on making minor adjustments to steering or the handle. Luckily, the rider escaped the accident without any injuries. The car and the scooter might have ended up with some damage. Make sure that you always keep your eyes on the road whenever you are riding or driving to avoid such incidents.