Scooter rider takes a sudden right turn in front of a bus; escapes death by inches

Uncle’s dangerous motorcycle antics lead to Rs 11,000 fine

Scooter and two-wheeler riders can make life difficult for other drivers on the road with their dangerous habits, such as cutting through traffic, riding too close to other vehicles, and lane splitting. Recently in Kerala, a rider was fined Rs 11,000 for their reckless behavior.

A state-run KSRTC bus captured the incident on its dashboard camera. The video shows the bus on a narrow road in Kerala, with a scooter rider and passenger seen ahead. The footage shows how the scooter rider slows down on the left shoulder of the road and makes an unexpected right turn.

The bus driver’s quick reflexes allowed them to spot the scooter rider and immediately apply the brakes, successfully stopping the bus just in time and avoiding any contact or injury to the scooter rider and passenger.

Scooter rider takes a sudden right turn in front of a bus; escapes death by inches

Upon discovering the footage circulating on social media, the police launched an investigation into the incident. After reviewing the evidence, they issued a traffic ticket, or challan, for the amount of Rs 11,000 as a punishment for the dangerous riding behavior. The citation was given due to the rider’s violation of the law which states that one must use indicators while making turns on Indian roads. The police also discovered that the rider did not have a license!

Incidents like this are unfortunately all too common on Indian roads, with many of them resulting in fatal accidents. What can an overtaking vehicle (like the bus in this instance) learn from this incident?

It is important to remember that while overtaking, one should always be aware of their surroundings and assess the road ahead before making any moves. It is crucial to ensure that there is a clear path and enough space before attempting to overtake. It is always safer to wait for a clear road ahead, rather than blindly following another vehicle without properly assessing the situation. Additionally, one should always obey traffic laws, use indicators and signals while changing lanes, and drive at a safe speed. It’s important to remember that safety should always be the top priority when driving, and that taking a few extra precautions can prevent accidents and save lives.

In this case, while we are grateful that the bus driver managed to brake the bus in time, he was also a bit too close to the motorcycle rider in front. In India, it is always a good idea to sound the horn and make the riders in front aware that you are approaching and intending to overtake.

What an two-wheeler riders learn from this?

Be aware of the road! Always be listening to vehicles approaching from the rear, and use the rear view mirrors to estimate the distance and speed of approach of those vehicles. Do not get engrossed in conversations with the pillion and forget that you are on the road. And make it an absolute habit to turn on the indicators in advance, even offer a hand signal if necessary, before making a turn. Even better, just wait for the vehicle in the rear to overtake before making your turn.