This Modified Motorcycle is Actually a Aprilia SR 150 Scooter

When we talk about modified bikes, the usual scene is about modified Enfield, Pulsars, Dukes etc. The mod-jobs range from being purely aesthetic to full blown performance mods. Lately, some examples of modified scooters too have surfaced but they are nothing to write home about. The reason for scooters not making it to big leagues of modification is because there are a limited range of work that can be done on them.

However, our country is known for making the best out of the unimaginable and today we being you something which justifies the phrase. Seen below is a wild looking modified motorcycle, which actually features a Aprilia SR 150 engine underneath along with lots of wild bits from different bikes. Take a good look at this beauty before we delve into details.

This Modified Motorcycle is Actually a Aprilia SR 150 Scooter

Crazy, right. Well, this marvelous piece of automotive art has been done by Tj-Moto as a client based project. The project started off for creating a custom built bike that is gearless and looks radical along with being decently powerful. The result is what you see in these pictures, a true yellow menace. It is an amalgamation of different bike parts apart from the SR 150 and other custom made bits. Since it’s powered by a scooter engine and is gearless, it will not put on some superbike performance numbers but instead is a breeze to riding in cities. Let’s now get into more details and see what this bike is made of.

This Modified Motorcycle is Actually a Aprilia SR 150 Scooter

As mentioned already, this bike incorporates a 154.8 cc engine taken from the Aprilia SR 150 and is gearless. The engine makes 10.25 Bhp of power along with 11.4 Nm of torque on the Aprilia scooter. The front end gets a vertical slated full LED headlight topped by the handlebar which features a clean design with nominal switchgear and dials. The stylish alloy wheel at front is quite cool and is equipped with a disk brake. Moving on, the bike gets full body fairing painted in an interesting geometrical pattern of yellow and black. The petrol tank, fairings, front shocker covers are all completely hand made. The single piece saddle is hand sewn in black Argentinian suede leather with yellow detailing around it.

This Modified Motorcycle is Actually a Aprilia SR 150 Scooter

The rear swingarm is taken off an Harley Davidson Street 750 and the sprocket is custom made for this bike. The rear monoshock is from KTM, making this bike an amalgam of various two-wheelers as stated earlier. The whole frame of the bike is custom fabricated using MS (Mild Steel) pipes and built around the engine with the basic body design in mind. The big rear wheel is a Avon Cobra 15″ 70/200 tire fitted on blacked out multi spoke rims. Seen from a distance, this bike looks quite different and radical at the same time and that unique paint job further takes up the oomph factor.

While we have seen many wild bike modifications in the course of time, this one stands out among the crowd as something different and cool. It is especially great for minors who can ride gearless two wheelers but not geared ones. It is a big head turner for sure and we guess it might even get more attention in public than any other Rs. 2 lakh bike in the market right now.


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