Scooterist in Bengaluru hits and drags 71 year-old man for 1 Km: Arrested [Video]

In a horrific incident reported from India’s IT capital Bengaluru, a scooterist – Sahil – first hit, and then dragged a 71 year-old man for a distance of over 1 Km. And the incident was caught on video. Here, take a look.

As the video indicates, the 71 year-old man – Muthappa – can be seen desperately holding on to the Suzuki Access 125 scooter’s grab rail even as the scooterist continues to drag him on the road without stopping. It took a bunch of fellow motorists who managed to stop the scooterist by blocking his way.

What really happened?

Scooterist Sahil on a Suzuki Access 125 is said to have hit the Mahindra Bolero driven by the 71 year-old man Muthappa. After hitting the Bolero, Sahil is said to have tried to flee. In the melee, Mr. Muthappa caught hold of the speeding scooter’s grab rail and refused to let go. Sahil – for his part – didn’t stop either and carried on dragging the 71 year-old on a Bengaluru road until alert fellow motorists managed to stop him.

Scooterist in Bengaluru hits and drags 71 year-old man for 1 Km: Arrested [Video]


Here’s the account of the entire incident from Mr. Muthappa – the driver of the Mahindra Bolero,

He was arrogant, did not stop after hitting my Bolero from behind, and tried to flee. So I did not want to leave him. He tried his best to escape and wanted me to leave his scooter… he rode the vehicle like a snake. A couple of youngsters followed and tried to attack and stop him. Finally, a couple of auto drivers and bikers managed to stop him and caught hold of him. The public called the ambulance and I have been given treatment. Many people had gathered there, they even beat him. If he had said sorry after hitting my vehicle, I would have let him go. My shoes and new set of pants that I had worn protected me to a large extent, they both are torn now. I have some injuries on the lower part of the body.  

Scooterist Sahil has been arrested by officials of the Govindaraj Nagar police station and the scooter has been seized. The 71-year old is said to be undergoing treatment for minor injuries at a city hospital. This incident comes weeks after another horrific incident in Delhi, where a group of men in a car, ran over and dragged a 20-year old women under the car for many kilometers. The woman lost her life in that incident, and the men in the car are now facing murder charges.