Scooterist narrowly misses a major accident & joins rescue effort immediately

There are numerous accidents that happen daily in India and around the world. While some of these accidents get recorded on the CCTV cameras or by the bystanders, the others go undocumented completely. Here is a video that shows a last-minute hair-raising manoeuvre by a scooter rider that saved him from possibly a fatal accident. Here is the video.

The video shows a scooter rider waiting on a turn. However, he is way ahead of the zebra crossing and the stop line, which is illegal and can be dangerous, as shown in the video. The scooter rider keeps on waiting when a three-wheeler rickshaw crosses it from behind. It is at this moment when you notice that the scooter rider turns his wheel and accelerates with the auto.

Within a second, a out of control container truck enters the frame and crashes against the road divider. It then hits the street light pole and falls on its side. The accident happened at a high speed and luckily the trucker did not hit any other vehicle on the road. We are not sure why the accident happened or if there was a brake failure.

Nonetheless, the scooter rider again entered the frame with his scooter, parks the scooter and runs to help the driver of the truck. In fact, he is the second person to reach the driver and help him. Such incidents leave many scarred and leave them in a state of shock. However, the scooter rider shows his exemplary presence of mind and calmness in handling the situation. We are not sure if many will be able to rush to an accident site just after escaping it.

Help the accident victims

Scooterist narrowly misses a major accident & joins rescue effort immediately

Helping road accident victims has become very easy when compared to older times. The government has ensured that the people who help the victims do not get involved in any kind of legalities. This is something that will encourage motorists in the future to help road accident victims.

Also, the 108 emergency ambulance services are active almost throughout India. Calling the 108 if you cannot take the victim to the nearby hospital can also save time and save the victims. It should be the duty of every motorist to help the road accident victims in any way they can. To promote this, many state governments have even announced cash prizes for such people.

Accidents keep on happening on the roads and by helping and creating a mindset to help such victims, it can be a life-changing thing for those who get critically injured during an accident. Many injured bleed to death on the roads since most people avoid calling the ambulance or even help the road accident victims to reach the nearest hospital. The government has announced various strategies to bring forward more good samaritans on the roads.

The video also shows the importance of the stop line. Since the stop line is located a few metres away from the stoplight, it ensures that the motorists can escape any such accidents while waiting for the green signal.