Scrap 10/15 year-old cars or pay Rs 10,000 fine: Transport Department

It is illegal to own a diesel vehicle that is older than 10 years and a petrol vehicle older than 15 years in Delhi for a few years now. The transport department of Delhi has now announced that any owner who has is still using an old and illegal vehicle will have to shell out Rs 10,000 in fine.

Scrap 10/15 year-old cars or pay Rs 10,000 fine: Transport Department

The warning comes from the government body itself on Tuesday. Any vehicle owner who refuses to scrap the old vehicle after the end of life, and is found plying on the roads will be issued a heavy challan. Also, the police will seize your vehicle and will scrap it.

The transport department also said that they are not planning to do any special drives to immediately catch the offenders. However, the government body has issued a public notice to inform such vehicle owners that they should get the vehicles scrapped.

2,879 vehicles scrapped since 2018

After the MV Act amendment was passed in 2018, the authorities were armed with new challans. According to the new act, the authorities can issue a fine of Rs 10,000, which is compoundable at Rs 5,000 per month. Later, the Supreme Court order allowed the transport department to seize and scrap such vehicles too.

There are currently five authorised scrap yards in Delhi. The first scrap yard came in 2018. Until now, the government data shows that only 2,879 vehicles are scrapped till May 31st, 2021.

An official speaking to Times of India said,

“Though no special drive is planned at the moment, we want vehicle owners to get their vehicles scrapped following the guidelines and the public notice reiterates the point. Although there are more than one crore registered vehicles in Delhi, the actual number of vehicles ‘on road’ is around 70 lakh. The number of petrol vehicles that are older than 15 years is 35 lakh and there are around 3 lakh diesel-run vehicles that are older than 10 years,”

Delhi’s pollution brought the rule

Scrap 10/15 year-old cars or pay Rs 10,000 fine: Transport Department


Delhi’s growing air pollution was the primary reason to bring in the scrapping rule in 2018. On 29th October 2018, the Supreme Court of India prohibited plying of any 10-year old diesel vehicle and 15-year old petrol vehicle on public roads.

The court described the air pollution situation as very critical and directed the transport department to impound any old vehicle found plying on the public roads. There is a comprehensive list of all 10-year old diesel and 15-year old petrol vehicles on the website of the Delhi Transport Department. The department has also started impounding 15-year-old vehicles from the public roads.

Owning old cars much more expensive

Due to change in rules and the government’s policy to increase the re-registration price has made sure that owning old vehicles is not as budget-friendly as the older times. In the 2021-2022 Budget, the union finance minister also proposed a new vehicle scrapping policy for 20-year-old private vehicles and 20-year-old commercial vehicles. However, the new central government policy does not apply in Delhi.