Emergency method to start your car in case the self-start fails

A drained battery or a faulty starter motor can leave you stranded and if you are alone, then you won’t be able to move your car. Push starting a car would be very difficult for a single person as he would first have to push the car, generate enough momentum and then quickly hop in, put the vehicle in first gear and dump the clutch. All this is just not possible to time right and succeed for a single person. Even jump-starting a car requires another vehicle and another person. Here is a totally new method that claims that you can start the vehicle in just 30 seconds

The video is uploaded by Narendra 7010 on his YouTube channel. The video shows that any car could be started if a person follows the instructions properly. There are only two things that he requires to start the vehicle which is a rope and a jack lift. The method is aimed at people who are stranded alone.

The person has made two videos in which he uses two different vehicles. In the first video, he uses a Renault Kwid which is a front-wheel-drive vehicle. In the second video, he uses a Mahindra TUV300 which is a rear-wheel-drive SUV.

Emergency method to start your car in case the self-start fails

In the first video, the Kwid is lifted up from one side using a jack lift. Once the tyre is few inches in the air, he puts the car into the reverse gear. The wheel that is in the air is tied with a rope around it. Then the person pulls the rope towards him and the car starts. For the car to start, the ignition must be switched on which the person does not show us. He also does not shows us the cabin of the vehicle.

One thing to consider here is that when the vehicle is in gear, it is very difficult to move the tyre as it requires an immense amount of force. It can also damage the transmission of the vehicle. It might happen that tying a rope around the vehicle might require the person to use less force than required to move the tyre manually. He adds that you can also use the same technique by putting the vehicle into first gear.

In the second video, the person uses the same method but he uses the Mahindra TUV300. He says that it is important to identify if the vehicle is a front wheel drive one or a rear-wheel drive one. Because the TUV300 is a rear-wheel drive, this time the person jacks up the rear wheel a few inches off the ground. The person puts the TUV300 in first gear and puts the key into the ignition position. The person ties the rope onto the rear wheel and pulls it. Due to this, the wheel starts spinning and the vehicle starts running.

Does this method work?

Well, we do not really know and neither we can confirm it. Not many people have tried this method. There are several things that can go wrong here. For instance, when the rope is pulled and the vehicle does not start, it would cause the vehicle to jerk and the vehicle might fall. It can also cause damage to the transmission as it requires a lot of force to move a wheel that is in gear. We would suggest that you opt for roadside assistance for long road trips.