Kia Seltos wrapped in bright yellow is an eye catcher [Video]

Kia Seltos surely shook the market when it was launched in the Indian market. While the current segment leader is the Hyundai Creta, the Seltos remains a hot seller too. There are many who do not want to spend too much on getting the top-end variant and buy the base variant. They then upgrade it to match the features of the top-end variant. Here is one such Kia Seltos that gets a slew of modifications and aftermarket accessories that makes it at par with the top-end version of the car.

The video made by JJ Automobile shows the Kia Seltos base variant that gets a triple layer wrap. The bright yellow wrap makes the Seltos look eye-catchy and also makes it stand out in the sea of similar-looking colours on the vehicles. The stock paint of this car is white as we can see in the door frames. The outcome of the wrap is extremely good.

As per the video, wrapping a vehicle of the size of Kia Seltos requires at least 3 hours. The cost depends on the quality of the wrap. The video does not mention the price of the wrap but to give you an idea, it can range between Rs 30,000 to Rs 2 lakh depending on the quality of the wrap and size of the vehicle. The Seltos gets a dual-tone wrap with the roof, ORVMs and a few other parts covered in black. Kia does not offer the mustard colour in India but it is available in the international markets.

Kia Seltos wrapped in bright yellow is an eye catcher [Video]

Wrapping is a safe way to modify the vehicle and make it stand out in the crowd as it does not change the stock colour, it is legal. However, you may face a few cops, who may harass you for changing the colour of the vehicle.

More modifications

There are numerous additions and modifications that have been done to this vehicle. The exterior gets an updated lighting system. There are aftermarket ice cube fog lamps, a new LED bar that runs across the width of the body and is positioned just above the grille similar to the GT Line variant. Even the headlamps have been upgraded to all projector units with 6K temperature LED lamps. The aftermarket fog lamps and the light bar are integrated into the turn indicator and the light bar is dynamic too.

The cabin also gets a lot of changes. The vehicle is now damped with insulation. This reduces the road noise and insulates the cabin too. If you’re an audiophile, do consider damping the cabin for better audio quality too. Moving on, the cabin gets a new head unit, new speakers and a host of other changes.

However, the most interesting addition is the cruise control system. Kia does not offer a cruiser control system with the base variant. However, they have sourced it and have installed it in the car. We are not sure how well it will work though.