Senior citizen riding Ola S1 Pro severely injured after electric scooter reverses at high speed while parking

After multiple Ola S1 customers complained about reverse gear faults, another customer reported that he got injured due to the same faulty feature. This is the third such incident in the recent past. The incident is from Jabalpur and is reported by Pallav Maheshwari on LinkedIn.

In the incident, a 65-year old man, who is the father of Pallav Maheshwari suffered severe injuries while trying to park his Ola S1 Pro. According to the post, the Ola S1 Pro got stuck in reverse mode at a speed exceeding 50 km/h while trying to park the scooter.

Pallav blamed the Ola S1 Pro’s software for the incident. Maheshwari said,

The software bug in the #olaelectric scooter of going in the reverse mode at full speed has severely injured my father. He was the one who even at the age of 65 is very active and was enthusiastic to use #ola #electricvehicle
Please look at what your #poorlytested scooter has done to him. He was only taking the scooter from outside the house to park inside. He has banged his head on a wall with almost the skull open (with 10 stiches now) and broken his left arm which would have to be operated with 2 plates inserted.

Maheshwari further said that his father was merely parking the scooter outside the out. However, due to the faulty software, his father banged his head on the wall, which caused his skull to open. There are 10 stitches on his head now.

Started facing issues from Day 2

Maheshwari told ET Auto that he has been facing similar issues with the scooter from the second day of the delivery. However, the problem did not persist and the customer did not pay much attention to it. However, Ola Electric recently fixed the vehicle control unit or VCU recently but they did not fix the software glitches.

Ola announced a massive recall to fix the VCU issues, which primarily addresses the problem of battery drainage in the vehicle. Maheshwari says that he regrets the decision of buying an Ola now.

Similar complaints

Another customer Malay Mohapatra tweeted to Ola Electric about how his scooter showed 102 km/h while it was in reverse mode. He also had a minor accident because of this. The scooter fell because it was on a slope and the motor was still running freely. This is when Malay spotted that the speedometer indicated 102 km/h. The owner also says that the scooter was in the forward drive mode but it still went in the reverse direction. Fortunately, the rear wheel was free in the air otherwise there could have been a serious injury.

Another customer from Guwahati blamed Ola S1 Pro for a faulty regeneration system, which caused a severe accident while his son was riding.

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