Senior cop BUSTED under new motor vehicle act: Has to pay DOUBLE the fine [Video]

While there are five states in India that are opposing the new amended traffic rules, the rest of the country has already started issuing the new fines to the motorists. In places like Delhi, the number of fines went down considerably and the cops say that the newly increased fines could be one of the reasons. However, there are many who continue to flout the traffic rules including the law enforcers. Here is a video on ABP News that shows a senior police officer in the official car getting fines under the new laws. Watch from 1:08.

Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) gets traffic challan

The video shows the official car of the Chakiya DSP and what it seems like the official inside the vehicle. The car was stopped by the cops at an intersection and the reporter can be seen asking the cops why did they cross the stop line on the traffic signal. It should be noted that crossing the stop line when the traffic signal turns red is an offence and a fine can be issued to the defaulter. Nonetheless, when the camera shows the police officials inside the vehicle, they started fiddling with the seatbelt. This is when the reporter said that they are also not wearing the seatbelts, which is another offence under the law and can be fined separately.

The police officials can be seen as quite amazed by the seatbelts and how to put it on. It is also a possibility that the buckles of the seatbelts were not working and they had to put it around them, which is not the correct way and would not help in any way to save the occupants in case of an accident. The reporter then asked the traffic police officials present at the spot about the fines. The official replied that the fine for crossing the stop line is Rs 500. This is when the reporter also asked about the fine for not wearing the seatbelt. The traffic police officer replies that it is Rs 1,000. The total fine is Rs. 3,000, as law enforcement officials breaking the law need to pay double the fine. The cop then uses the hand-held device to issue a challan. The receipt of the fine is not shown in the camera. The Tata Sumo Gold, in which everyone was travelling was a carrying a board in the front that states the rank of the officials sitting inside the vehicle.

Senior cop BUSTED under new motor vehicle act: Has to pay DOUBLE the fine [Video]

It should be noted that there is a provision in the new amended Motor Vehicle Act, which states that the government officials and law enforcers breaking the rules will have to pay a double penalty. The traffic police on the spot did not seem to know about it.

The new rules have been put in place to reduce the number of illegal activities and lawbreakers on the public roads. The fine amounts have been increased by multiple folds in a bid to stop such motorists.

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