Sensors to judge if you are worthy of getting a driver’s license in India

Getting a driver’s license in India is easy. Many people don’t apply and go through the driving test and for those who do, the test is fairly simple and doesn’t actually check if the driver is upto the mark or not.

Considering the rising numbers of road accidents, it is learnt that government wants to introduce stricter norms to make sure that people who shouldn’t be driving don’t get a license.

Sensors to judge if you are worthy of getting a driver’s license in India

According to a report by Money control, the central government is planning to make the driving test stricter. This will be done using computers and sensors, that will test the driver, with little manual intervention. It is expected that this will avoid current loopholes and the potential for corruption. The computerized system will be able to judge if the driver is competent or not, thus allowing those driver’s who aren’t competent from not being on the road.

An official said that once this system is introduced, there will be no human interference. There will be an automated computer/sensor that will help the driver through his driving test. This will record any mistake done by the candidate and declare the results. This way transparency will be maintained and only those deserving candidates who know the rules and know how to drive will be getting a license, making the roads a much safer place. The center is also planning to link the Aadhaar card to the license, so that not more than one license can be got by a driver.

Once this system does come into action, number of people getting the license will reduce. This will also mean that the roads will get safer and driver’s will be more educated. What this also means is that number of people buying cars will reduce, if number of licenses reduce. It is high time that something like this is done as the number of uneducated drivers on the road are increasing and it is leading to a lot more fatalities.

We do not know if this will end up as another pipe dream, or something that would happen far in the future. Sorting out the messed up driving test and license system is critical, if we want to reduce the deaths on our dangerous roads. Let us hope some action would be taken soon.