Seven silly but common mistakes that can mess up your car’s paint

Love your car? Want to keep it looking new & fresh for a long period of time? Here are things you may be doing daily to damage your car’s paint job.

Dry Clean


The worst thing you can do to the paint of your car is to clean it with a dry cloth. If your car is dusty, wiping it with a dry cloth is a very bad idea. The dust particles on the body of the car get dragged around with the cloth causing scratches & swirl marks that make the paint look bad. If you want to give your car a quick clean, use a wet cloth or a Jopasu duster.

Covering a dirty car


The same as above applies here. If you cover a dirty car, the cover drags the dust particles on the paint of the car thus producing minor scratches and swirl marks on the surface. Make sure your car is clean while you are covering it.

Cleaning with a dirty cloth

dirty cloth

If you clean your car with a dirty cloth, the dirt gets dragged along the paint surface creating minor scratches. In the long run, this too will result in swirl marks. We would recommend that you make sure the cloth is clean while wiping the car & to use a microfibre cloth if possible. Also follow a top-down approach. Start cleaning from the roof and then work your way down.

Bug splatter

bug splatter

When you drive on a highway, you will encounter a lot of bug splatter, mostly on the front end of the car. Insects are acidic in nature, and if they are left on the paint surface for a long time, it will result in etching of the paint. Try removing them as soon as possible.

Fuel spillage


Sometimes in an attempt to brim your car’s tank, fuel overflows and gets spilled on the car. If it isn’t wiped away quickly, the spillage can seep into the top coat of the paint damaging it & causing it to loose it’s shine. It could also leave a stain on the paint which gets tough to remove later.

Bird droppings


Bird droppings on a car not only make it look ugly, but also cause serious damage to the paint. Bird droppings are acidic and grainy in nature. This stains the paint, makes it dull and could even take the gloss off the paint if left on for a long period of time.

Religious marks (Swastika)


When a new car is bought, it is taken it to a temple to seek blessings. Most priests put vermilion paste mark (Swastika) on the bonnet of the car. This paste needs to be removed within a few hours of its application. If it isn’t removed, it will remain as a permanent mark on the car and will be very, very tough to remove later.

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