Shahrukh Khan & Hyundai wish India for Diwali

Shahrukh Khan, Hyundai’s brand ambassador for India, has wished the country for Diwali through a video. Hyundai has released a video in which Shahrukh Khan wishes Indians a ‘Happy Diwali’ while also urging them to celebrate the festival of lights without crackers (eco-friendly Diwali).

Hyundai sells 9 cars in India but none of them offer LPG or CNG options. We feel that the company should introduce these options as they make cars less polluting than petrol or diesel. This can improve air quality. Hyundai is expected to launch an electric vehicle next year – the Kona SUV.

We also feel that the government should set up more LPG and CNG dispensing stations across India. Presently, the unavailability of enough LPG and CNG refilling stations is another reason why both car makers and consumers don’t prefer LPG/CNG vehicles. This has to change soon, and the government has to lead efforts in this direction.

A lot of brands in India are spreading the message of an eco-friendly Diwali. Typically, Diwali is celebrated with a lot of fire crackers, and this contributes to a lot of smoke and noise. Both humans and animals are affected by the rising pollution and noise levels during the festival. However, awareness is spreading. A lot of students now prefer not to burst crackers as they have been taught about the harmful effects at schools.

The Supreme Court has also banned the sale of firecrackers in the National Capital Region, which is already experiencing very dangerous levels of air pollution due to crop burning in North India. Bursting fire crackers would have led to extreme levels of pollution, due to which the court has banned sales, hoping that it would lead to some reduction in pollution levels. In the coming years, the usage of fire crackers is expected to further reduce.