Shahrukh Khan’s rare Lexus convertible spotted outside Mumbai airport

It is a well known fact that Baadshah of Bollywood, Shahrukh Khan loves cars and has a long range of vehicles in his garage. He has been spotted in his luxury cars several times. He is one of those actors who has mix of both regular and luxury cars in his garage. As he is currently the brand ambassador for Korean car maker Hyundai in India, many of the regular cars and SUV he owns is from Hyundai. Apart from Hyundai, he has cars like BMW 7-series, Range Rover SUVs, Bentley Continental GT and so on. Here we have a small video clip that shows Shahrukh Khan with a rare Lexus convertible car that he owns.

The King Khan was recently spotted in his swanky red Lexus SC430 convertible car at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport or Mumbai airport. He came to drop off is daughter Suhana Khan at the airport. Shahrukh Khan drove this convertible by himself and his son was also seen inside the car. This is probably the first time that he has been spotted in this Lexus SC430. Although, he has been spotted with this car for the first time, it doesn’t mean that it is a brand new car.

It actually is a very old car. This car has been in his garage for over a decade but, it has been well maintained and looks like brand new. Lexus SC430 seen in this video is a 15 year old model. The bright red paint on the car looks extremely good and gives it a sporty feel. The SC430 convertible is a two door 4-seater car. It had a hardtop convertible top which neatly tucks inside the boot at the press of a button.

It is a much more premium looking version of Toyota Soarer convertible which was sold internationally. Both Soarer and SC430 have a similar design. The main attraction of the SC430 is its design itself. It has got smooth likes running all around and curvy design to the rear gives it a very unique look. It was actually introduced in the market as a cheaper alternate to Mercedes Benz SL. The Lexus SC430 is powered by a naturally aspirated 4.3 litre V8 petrol engine that generates 282 Bhp and 419 Nm of torque.

The power was transferred to the rear wheels and had a top speed of approximately 250 kmph. The engine is mated to a five speed automatic transmission and could do a 0-100 kmph sprint is just under 7 seconds. On the inside, Lexus SC430 got plush interiors. It gets leather wrapped seats, steering wheels along with brushed aluminium inserts at places. It also gets company fitted infotainment screen that shows navigation. There are wooden panel inserts on the door and dashboard which give it a more premium look.

This model has currently been discontinued and the cost of it when it was on sale was around Rs 25 lakh. Shahrukh Khan has a variety of cars in his garage. There was even a rumour that the actor owns a Bugatti Veyron hypercar but, Shahrukh Khan himself clarified that he doesn’t own one.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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