Sharad Pawar & other politicians park SUVs on Race Track: Sports Minister hits out

After the former chief of the Indian Olympics Association – Sharad Pawar visited Pune’s Chatrapati Sports Complex along with other ministers, Kiren Rijiju, union sports minister blurted out on them. The union minister showed his dismay and disappointment on social media after the visit. Here is what happened.

Sharad Pawar & other politicians park SUVs on Race Track: Sports Minister hits out

Kiren Rijiju said that he was “very sad” to see “disrespect for sports” while he was reacting to the Nationalist Congress Party’s chief Sharad Pawar and other ministers visit. Pawar and other ministers who were visiting the complex parked their vehicles on the race track of the Chatrapati Sports Complex.

Sharad pawa was accompanied by the state Sports Minister Sunil Kedar and Minister of State – Aditi Thakre to review an ongoing project. There were several other officials who also accompanied the ministers to the sports complex. The images of the cars parked on the racetrack were posted on social media by BJP MLA Siddharth Shirole.

Sharad Pawar & other politicians park SUVs on Race Track: Sports Minister hits out

Officials have apologised

Officials of the sporting complex have issued an apology for the incident. They said that Sharad Pawar had asked permission from the officials to park the vehicle on the cement concrete road near the race track. Pawar asked for permission because he has a problem with his leg and could not walk long distance.

The ministers, however, did not want to use the elevators to reach the second floor of the sporting complex where the conference room is located. According to ANI, the ministers decided to park the cars on the second floor of the complex on the racetrack because it was more convenient for them.

The vehicles were reportedly parked at the same spot till the ministers were engaged in the meeting. They came out only when the meeting got over. Pune District Information Officer said in a statement,

“The incident has been noted by the Sports Minister and instructions have been issued to make sure that such an incident is not repeated again. Going forward it will be made sure that vehicles are not allowed at an athletic track,”

Only gave permission to Pawar

Only Sharad Pawar got permission to park the vehicle inside the complex. Om Prakash Bakoria, Sports Commissioner of Maharashtra to ANI that only Sharad Pawar asked for permission to park the vehicle inside the complex. However, others just entered the complex without any permission.

“Pawar Saheb has an issue with his leg, if he was taken from another side he would have to climb two to three staircases hence only his vehicle was allowed. The vehicle was allowed on cemented track only and guards on duty were informed the same as well. But unfortunately, the vehicles came in a row (on track). It was allowed just to make site he does not face problems in walking. On behalf of the sports department I apologise for it and assure you that such an incident will not be repeated again,”