Sharpest photos of the TUV300 yet!

After yesterday’s photos, more photos are out. As the launch nears, the upcoming compact SUV is being transported to dealers and is therefore, more chances of curios onlookers clicking it. Here are the latest three pics of the XUV500 from

Sharpest photos of the TUV300 yet!

You won’t be wrong, if you look at it and think that the car is a mishmash of the Bolero, Quanto and the Jeep Cherokee.

Sharpest photos of the TUV300 yet!

Sharpest photos of the TUV300 yet!
All photos: Carwale

Quite like the old Quanto, with a touch of EcoSport from this angle?

The question is, is it an attractive design at the end of the day. That is for you, the buyer, to decide!

Interested in the TUV300, here are 5 things you need to know about Mahindra’s latest

The TUV300 is the only ladder frame chassis equipped compact SUV in its segment. Mahindra wants to sell the toughness quotient of the SUV, positioning it as a vehicle that is more abuse friendly than the monocoque bodied competition. Think Ford Ecosport and the Maruti Suzuki YBA.

The TUV300 is rear wheel driven, and is likely to be offered with a 5 speed automated manual transmission in due course of time given the fact that this feature has already been seen on test mules. This is also a segment leading aspect of the SUV.

A new, 1.5 liter mHawk 80 turbo diesel motor will power the TUV300. This engine is expected to be a reworked version of the Quanto’s diesel motor, with more power and torque on tap. about 107 Bhp is what the TUV300 is likely to put out, assuming that the 80 in the mHawk moniker represents power in KW.

The unique 7 seat layout on the new Mahindra SUV will make it one of the most versatile vehicles in its category. Imagine a fully loaded TUV300 with a roof rack to carry luggage, and 7 passengers on the inside. This value proposition will be used to peddle the SUV as a 7 seater, at a price more affordable than the 5 seat competition.

Talking pricing, the TUV300 is expected to undercut the Ford Ecosport. A starting price of under 6 lakh rupees is what Mahindra could dangle in front of prospective customers, encouraging them to walk into showrooms. If Mahindra manages this price point, the TUV300 will be the least priced compact SUV in the country.