Sherp N1200: Review of the most capable off-roader that costs Rs 2 crore [Video]

The off-roading culture is still catching up in India but there is a community of off-roaders who love to test their vehicles to the limit. Off-roading can be limited by the capabilities of the vehicle. That’s where the giant Sherp N 1200 stands out. There are no limits for this vehicle and it can go anywhere on the land as well as water! Yes, this vehicle can float on water. Here is a review of the Sherp N 1200, which is currently in India.

The review is done by Vineet Mishra on his YouTube channel. The Sherp N 1200 is specifically designed for life-saving rescue missions, disaster relief, border patrolling and extreme terrains for oil and mine exploration. It is designed in Ukraine by Quadro International and the vehicle has received a lot of applause for its s by apabilities, including endorsement by the United Nations.

Vineet starts talking about the Sherp from its tyres. The vehicle gets massive 71-inch tyres, which can dwarf any other vehicle on the road all by itself. The rim get a storage cabinet of 58 litres and one can store any kind of liquid like water or fuel in it securely. All four rims have such storage canisters.

The tyres can be inflated or deflated based on the requirement of the terrain in 30 seconds. The Sherp N 1200 utilises exhaust gases for that. With the massive tyres comes massive ground clearance. It gets as much as 26-inches of ground clearance, which translates into about 660mm. The Sherp is so tall that you get a ladder to get inside the vehicle.

No steering wheel

Sherp N1200: Review of the most capable off-roader that costs Rs 2 crore  [Video]

The Sherp N 1200 is powered by a 1.8-litre Doosan engine and it is located in the middle of the vehicle. The D18 diesel engine is from Japan is highly reliable. While the three-cylinder, 1.8-litre engine may not seem to generate a lot of power, it does provide ample torque to take the Sherp through almost any kind of terrain. The engine produces a maximum power of 55 Bhp and a peak torque of 190 Nm. The primary fuel tank is 95 litres.

The Sherp N 1200 does not get a conventional steering wheel. There are two levers that are actually brakes and they can be used individually to turn the car by using brakes. It is known as the Skid Steering Mechanism where the wheels do not move.

The vehicle can swim too. It is an amphibious vehicle and can the tyres work as flotation devices. The ribs on the tyres work as paddles to propel the vehicle ahead. The Sherp can reach a maximum speed of 6 km/h on water and about 40 km/h on land.

Not road legal

The Sherp is not road-legal and cannot be registered. So you do not need to pay any road taxes. However, it will cost around Rs 2 crore, if anyone decides to import it. While it may not entice the off-roading community, especially because of its massive price tag, it sure may attract the attention of the authorities who may buy it for life-saving operations.

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