Shirtless man dances out of a moving Kia Sonet SUV’s sunroof: Busted by police [Video]

Cars sold in the Indian market now come with many advanced and premium features. Some of these features actually decide the fate of the vehicle. One such feature that many car buyers in India actually ask for is an electric sunroof. It comes in various sizes and this feature is now available even with premium hatchbacks. Are electric sunroofs necessary in a car is a discussion that we would like to do some other day. Most of them who have a car with sunroof use it in the wrong way. They stick their head out of the moving vehicle and enjoy the view and wind. Here we have a video of a man who was so excited that he decided to push himself out of the sunroof and sit on top of a moving car.

The video has been uploaded by PAHAD PRIME on their YouTube channel. In this video, a young man can be seen sticking himself out of the sunroof of a Kia Sonet sub-4 meter SUV. The SUV is registered in Delhi and the incident has been reported from Himachal Pradesh. According to the video, the SUV had three occupants who were tourists from Delhi. They were on their way back from Kullu to Delhi and were drunk. One of them decided to peep out of the electric sunroof of the SUV and dance. The young man was not wearing any shirt and was allegedly hurling abuse on people on the road. He was dancing while standing out of the sunroof.

Local police did notice the vehicle and asked the driver to stop the car. They escaped the spot without stopping but were later caught by the police. The car was taken into custody and so were the occupants. It is not clear if the police filed any case for creating public nuisance or not. The video mentions that the youth apologised to the police and they were let free after that with a warning. The youth was dancing out of Kia Sonet’s sunroof on National Highway. The video that has now surfaced online was probably taken by someone who was driving behind these people. It is said that the tourists were driving the car rashly through the narrow mountain roads.

Shirtless man dances out of a moving Kia Sonet SUV’s sunroof: Busted by police [Video]

Sunroofs on a car are a good way to let fresh air into the cabin at high speeds without actually rolling down the window. However, most people use the opening to stand out from the vehicle. This is extremely dangerous, especially for children. If the driver of the car decides to apply brakes all of a sudden, the chances of a person standing out of the sunroof losing balance and falling out of the vehicle are pretty high. Electric wires that are hanging on the road are also a threat to people hanging out of the sunroofs of a moving vehicle. One should never attempt to do such stunts on public roads as this is illegal. Cops can even issue fine if they find you doing such things on a moving vehicle.