KTM RC200 Crashes Into Honda Civic That Was Attempting A Drift [Video]

stunt gone wrong KTM Civic

When young people start riding motorcycles and cars in India, they believe that doing stunts in public will get them attention and social credit. However, this cannot be any further from the truth as these people, instead of looking cool, are seen as stupid idiots on the road, risking their lives as well as those of others. Recently, one such video of two vehicles getting into a terrible crash has been shared online. In this video, a KTM RC 200 motorcycle was seen crashing into a Honda Civic sedan while the Civic was trying to drift.

This video of the crash between the Honda Civic and KTM RC 200 has been shared on YouTube by Ajeesh Kuttan on their channel. In this short video, we can note that a silver Honda Civic sedan from the first generation was speeding up and coming towards the cameraman. The driver of the sedan then engaged his handbrake to drift the car, and he was half successful in it as well. But, as luck would have it, a speeding KTM RC 200 biker was just behind the Civic. And just after the Civic driver drifted the car, the bike came and crashed into the car’s left front fender.

What happened next?

KTM RC200 Crashes Into Honda Civic That Was Attempting A Drift [Video]

After getting into the high-impact crash, the KTM rider was seen flying over the Honda Civic and landing on the road. It can be noted that he had a few flips in the air, and one of the side fairings of his sports bike was also flying in the air. Soon after this, as more people came near the Honda Civic with their cameras on hand, the driver immediately reversed the car and ran away from the situation.

It can also be noted in the video that during his getaway, the people on the road got scared and immediately moved aside. The driver was driving so quickly that he could have easily hit anybody if they were still standing on the road. The biker, on the other hand, was seen trying to pick up his bike and staring at the Honda Civic driver as he was running away.

Lessons to learn from this incident

KTM RC200 Crashes Into Honda Civic That Was Attempting A Drift [Video]

First off, the main thing to learn from this incident is that nobody should attempt stunting in their cars or bikes on a public road. The only correct way to perform stunts is on a private road with professionals around. Next up, another important thing to note is that the rider of the bike was not wearing a helmet or riding gear. Most likely, he has suffered some injuries which could have been avoided if he had been wearing riding gear.

Also, after an accident, nobody should try to run away. This is because in this case, the biker did not suffer serious injuries; however, if someone did suffer a serious injury on an empty road and the person ran away, he/she on the road can die as well, and the person who ran away will be charged with a hit-and-run case.