2 Toyota Innovas crash into each other at high-speed; Passengers safe

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Accidents are very common on Indian roads and most of these accidents are caused due to overspeeding. Here is one such accident that happened between two Toyota Innova MPVs. The accident from Kerala shows why speeding is dangerous and how important lane discipline is to avoid accidents.

The CCTV footage shows a double-lane road without any solid centre divider. You can see that the two Innovas are coming from opposite sides and one of them is following another vehicle. It is likely that the Innova on the left was trying to overtake the vehicle in front by entering the wrong lane.

The Innova driver did not see the other Innova coming from the opposite side till the last minute. When the driver did spot the other Innova, he tried to swerve and move out of the way. But it was a last-minute move that did not move the vehicle completely out of the way.

2 Toyota Innovas crash into each other at high-speed; Passengers safe

The two Innovas collided with each other at a high speed and lost control. Being a top-heavy vehicle, the Innovas lost control very quickly. One of the vehicles toppled on the road while the other one nearly missed hitting a Hyundai Creta and then crashed into a parked Maruti Dzire.

There are some massive damages done to both the vehicles. However, no one got injured in the accident and everyone came out safely.

Overtaking on the wrong lane

Many individuals often resort to taking the wrong side of the road to overtake other vehicles in an attempt to escape traffic congestion. Unfortunately, this practice frequently results in these vehicles blocking the entry and exit points of a road, causing the traffic jam to spill over onto other roads and creating a chaotic situation. The prevalence of such issues is exacerbated by the absence of solid road dividers on many Indian roads, attributed to cost constraints and limited available space.

According to traffic laws, two solid lines on the road signify that no vehicle should cross them. In the event of a violation, traffic police have the authority to issue fines. However, in practice, many of these traffic offenders are let go without penalties, primarily due to the common occurrence of such manoeuvres on the road as individuals attempt to save a few minutes.

It is important to recognize that creating roadblocks for others by engaging in such practices only serves to worsen traffic jams. Additionally, a critical aspect missing from Indian driving culture is the proper usage of lanes. A significant number of drivers fail to adhere to lane markings and often attempt to change lanes on crowded roads, further impeding the flow of traffic.

While some state police forces have embraced advanced technologies like CCTV to monitor and penalize offenders for speeding and other offences, the issue of lane driving does not seem to be a current focal point for law enforcement. Addressing these issues requires a comprehensive approach, encompassing both enhanced law enforcement efforts and public awareness campaigns to promote responsible driving behaviours and adherence to traffic regulations. Also Read: 14-year-old kid driving Toyota Innova rams a 63-year-old man: Parents let off after Rs. 5,000 fine [Video]