Kids Stick Their Heads Out Of Windows And Sunroof In A Car Convoy In Delhi {Video]

kids standing out of sunroofs and windows

Over the last few years, vehicles with sunroofs have become extremely common. Many manufacturers in the country are now starting to offer sunroofs in their popular models. However, people in India have started using this luxury feature as a way to get out of the moving car, which is a very unsafe thing to do. Recently, a video showing a prime example of people misusing this luxury feature has been shared online. A bunch of school kids in different cars, including Kia Seltos, Honda Accord, and Mahindra XUV700, among others, were seen getting out of the sunroofs and windows of the car while they were moving in a convoy.

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Kids seen out of sunroofs and windows

The video of this hooligan act by these young kids has been shared on Reddit. It can be noted that this video has been recorded by someone who was driving in the left lane of the road, and on the right lane, a convoy of what appears to be some kids from a South Delhi school has been passing along. The first car in this convoy was a Red Kia Seltos, and a few kids were sitting with their bodies out of the windows. Then there was a white Honda Accord, and two kids were seen out of the sunroof of this sedan.

Kids Stick Their Heads Out Of Windows And Sunroof In A Car Convoy In Delhi {Video]

Following this, there were other cars in the convoy, including a Ford Ecosport compact SUV. A few people were also seen out of its windows as well. And there was a Mahindra XUV700 in the convoy as well. Like all the cars, people were seen standing out of its panoramic sunroof as well. The caption of this particular video also mentions that some of these cars also had illegal police sirens. These sirens are mostly fitted by aftermarket shops, and people use them on public roads to look like VIPs. However, the installation of these sirens is illegal and can lead to an investigation by police authorities.

Why were these kids out of sunroofs?

Most likely, these kids were returning from a farewell party. And as part of their celebration, they were seen doing this hooligan act on public roads. Although the cars were not excessively speeding in the convoy, standing out of sunroofs and coming out of windows is a dangerous act in itself, and if an accident took place, it could have resulted in them getting serious injuries. Thankfully, nothing happens in the video.

Not the first incident


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The above incident is not the first time young kids have been seen standing out of sunroofs. This is a fairly common problem in India, and a lot of people are seen letting their kids peek out of the sunroofs in moving cars. Back in November of last year, Arun Panwar, a popular YouTuber, shared a video on Instagram showing three kids sitting on the roof of a Mahindra XUV300 after getting out of the sunroof. The YouTuber, in the caption of the video, stated that what’s the point of Mahindra XUV300 having a 5-star safety rating if people like these allow their kids to engage in these unsafe acts.