All-new Hyundai Verna should have looked like this, says rendering artist [Video]

all-new hyundai verna reimagined

Since the launch of the all-new fourth-generation Hyundai Verna in India, much has been said about its unique and extroverted design language. Showcasing Hyundai’s latest “sensuous sportiness” design language, the new Verna has an aggressive look. While some have praised its appearance, others find its unconventional design difficult to accept. For those in the latter group, a reimagined design of the new Verna may offer some consolation.

A YouTube video uploaded by “SRK Designs” shows a different front profile for the new Verna imagined by a digital rendering artist. The front end of the new Verna features a slim daytime running LED strip running the width of the car. The bumper has a wide grille, and sleek headlamp housings are incorporated into it. However, this digital rendering presents a less radical side of the new Verna.

In the digital rendering uploaded by SRK Designs, the front of the new Verna has a toned-down appearance while still appearing modern and aggressive. The headlamps are sleeker and longer, with a sweptback design that makes the car look even more aerodynamic than the model currently on sale. The artist has redesigned the grille of the new Hyundai Verna, which still has a hexagonal design but appears larger than the one currently on sale.

All-new Hyundai Verna should have looked like this, says rendering artist [Video]

It has a chrome-studded mesh design, with the upper edges merging with the inner edges of the headlamps. The fascia looks much like the facelifted third-generation Verna that was on sale before the current model arrived. The fog lamp housings are sharp-looking and appear to be inspired by those on the Hyundai i20 N-Line.

All-new Hyundai Verna looks radical

All-new Hyundai Verna should have looked like this, says rendering artist [Video]

The rest of the design of the new Hyundai Verna remains more or less unchanged in this digital rendering, with the artist retaining the bonnet contours and side profile of the model currently on sale. The only change in the side profile of this digital rendering is the new multi-spoke machined alloy wheels. This redesign gives the new Hyundai Verna the appearance of a combination of the Hyundai Sonata sold overseas and previous models of the Verna sold in India.

In addition to the radical exterior design and interior layout, the all-new Hyundai Verna has become the talk of the town for its new 1.5-liter four-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine. Offered with 6-speed manual and 7-speed DCT gearbox options, this new engine claims 160 PS of power and 253 Nm of torque, making it the most powerful sedan in its class. The new Verna is also available with a 1.5-liter four-cylinder naturally aspirated petrol engine, which claims 115 PS of power and 144 Nm of torque and is offered with 6-speed manual and CVT gearbox options.