Should I buy Punto diesel or Swift diesel?

Should I buy Punto diesel or Swift diesel?Nipun Batra posted this question to the CarToq community: Punto diesel or Swift diesel? The community responded with interesting points. Here are the best of the answers!

Anupam Potdar If you want lower maintenance costs and value for money, buy the Swift. If you can spend a little extra, there is no better car than the Punto. I’ve driven it a lot on various surfaces. Amazing features, looks to die for, comfy ride, handles like a dream and just feels very special to drive. But it has low ground clearance. I’d go for Punto! (only Emotion, not the lower variants)

Should I buy Punto diesel or Swift diesel?

Abhishek Sharma Dude, go for Punto. Swift is not that comfortable to drive…more power, less handling….boring interiors….I hate Swift…hehehe…..Rest is up to you. Or wait for new Swift. Maybe new Swift is better.

Vishwas Bharadwaj Both share the same 1.3l engine. Punto has lot of features when compared to Swift. Mileage is good on Swift as it has a lighter body. The main reason why Swift wins here is because it is a Maruti for A.S.S (After sales service) and Punto is not good at that. The resale value is stronger in Swift no matter what it gives.

Things that make us Men go mmmmmmmm Punto : Great car, very durable, good high speed poise. But spares and service still an issue and the biggest issue. Very comfortable seats and very comfortable ride. Takes all the irregularities on ride with aplomb and insulates the passengers from them. Swift: New design coming soon, proven engine, proven dynamics, no sales/service/spares issue. Stable but not as stable as Punto at high speeds. A nice bump can still put it off track. But then, this is the new model which has not been tested yet and hence we can’t comment on its high-speed poise vis a vis the Punto. It has longer wheelbase and should result in increased space inside. Ride and seats comfy but not in the league of Punto.

Prateek Tembhekar Swift great on mileage and low on maintenance, and it’s super comfortable. Any day Swift.

Shivraj Naik Wait for PUNTO EVO, it will be released soon. Better go for a company (Fiat) that produces both car and engine of its own. I mean Punto whereas Swift runs on Fiat engine. Punto is more refined and powerful.

Anupam Potdar Evo will be at least a lakh more expensive. And ya, Swift definitely will be more fuel efficient with lower running cost. But in the city, even Swift won’t give more than 15-16kmpl. The new Swift is v good option. But as they say, Punto – crafted for a true fan! You either love it and can’t do with anything else or you use your head and logic and go for something else ;)

DwsAuto: The Punto versus Swift debate continues, and it is a tough one to settle. The last time the discussion between CarToq members was sparked off by a story we did. This question, by .., again has got well-argued points from both the camps. Here’s our comprehensive analysis that should hopefully provide a basis for decision-making for future buyers. Read: Tough choices – Fiat Grande Punto vs Maruti Swift.