Should I buy the new Swift petrol or Swift diesel?

A CarToq member has most probably shortlisted the new Swift as the car to buy. But he is unable to decide between the petrol or diesel version.

His daily requirements: 35km/day (+- 5 km) or 12,000 km per year, minimum period of ownership 5-6 yrs. According to him, some of his friends are saying that the fuel efficiency for the petrol will be around 12-13 km/ltr whereas the fuel efficiency for the diesel will be around 18-19 km/ltr.

Which car would be a better buy in terms of cost of ownership?

The answer, many might believe, is obvious. Diesel fuel costs are much lower, and diesel cars have better mileage. So the choice should be diesel. But it is not so simple.

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Diesel variant’s price is typically higher than the petrol by about Rs 80,000 to Rs 100,000 more. So you spend more upfront. Or, if you are taking a loan, it means higher EMI payment. There is a point, based on your daily car usage, where the cost of ownership for diesel car becomes lower than the petrol car. But if your usage is low, then petrol variant could be cheaper.

CarToq had built a tool to help buyers figure out all these parameters, and based on the usage and mileage you specify, tell you whether petrol or diesel variant would have lower cost of ownership. The tool calculates the total cost of ownership (monthly EMI payments, monthly fuel cost based on the car’s mileage and the kilometers that the car is expected to do in a month).

Use the tool to find the answer to this question, and also any other questions you might have. And of course, share the result of your analysis and experience below.